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Whips, Paddles & Ticklers

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Whips, paddles & ticklers to heat up your sexual life

If you are sick and tired of ordinary sex and want to raise it to the fundamentally new level, then use our whips, paddles, floggers and ticklers that are widely presented in this category. These items are rightly considered to be the sexiest BDSM accessories suitable for brave, emancipated and uninhibited people having sophisticated sexual preferences.

If you want to diversify your intimate life and no longer want to deter sexual aggression, want to give it out and send in the right direction, then these toys will become indispensable accessories for your sex! Dominate and obey inflicting lascivious pain, alternate roughness and kindness, slaps and tenderness!

Want to add a little bit of pain and passion into your intimate life?

Whips are BDSM toys, which are traditionally used to exert control over a submissive partner. There are a lot of whip kinds used for BDSM sessions. A flogger is indeed the best whip for inexperienced BDSM first-timers. An experienced dominant may give preferences to a whip system, metal chain whips or any whip causing real pain, such as a single-tailed whip or a "cat o’ nine tails" whip.

Paddles designed for spanking on soft tissues. Usually, they have a classic design –round or rectangular. However, there are also more extravagant models in the form of palms, feet, lips or heart. Using this accessory, you may punish and put your sexual partner in his/her place, slapping his/her buttocks, causing sweet pain and forcing to beg for mercy.

Ticklers are a fluffy symbol of your power. They perfectly match with erotic lingerie, corsets and stockings. Having a tickler toy in your arsenal, you will provide your partner with light and sensual sensation during a foreplay.

Toys and accessories for role-playing and real sexual spanking are waiting for you at our online shop. We guarantee budget-friendly prices, a wide range of products and absolute privacy.