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Tongue vibrators

Oral sex is a completely new way to feel incredible sexual bliss. However, sometimes we just not have a lover with a clever tongue to satisfy our urge. Nevertheless, today it is not a problem due to a unique and revolutional sex toys – vibrating tongues.  

These are sex toys that are shaped like a tongue, feel like a tongue and work like a tongue. These delightful vibrating devices have just the pace and rhythm that you like. They are perfect for clitoral stimulation and for teasing your other hot spots like breasts and nipples.

This what makes tongue vibrators a clever tool for driving your female partner mad with desire, especially in BDSM games. Seeing her bound and moaning is a sight that is pleasing to the eye.

The widest range of tongue sex toys at

To provide you with the most intense and efficient oral stimulation tools, we offer you an exclusive collection of tongue vibrators produced by the most renowned sex toy brands.

It features the following models:

  • Vibrating tongue rings
  • Oral vibrator sets
  • Oral vibes
  • USB rechargeable tongues
  • Multiple tongue toys

You have never seen such diversity! Enjoy the teasing and vibrating tongues of any type, size and design. Toy with remote control tongue sex toys, use tongue attachments with vibrating bullets to tease yourself with your finger and revel in incredible sexual and kinky sensations either solo or with your partner during your sexy times. The abundance of toys also provides you with waterproof models that can be taken to the hot tub for extra steamy and wet fun.