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Bondage Rope Japanese Style- Purple

Bondage Rope Japanese Style-Purple. Producer -  Doc Johnson. Material - cotton. Rope lenght -  32 feet. Knot direction handout is included



Bondage Rope Japanese Style - Red

Japanese Bondage Rope Red. Tie guideline leaflet is incorporated. Rope length is 32 feet long. Maker -  Doc Johnson. Material -  cotton. 

Bondage Rope Japanese Style - Black

Japanese Bondage Rope - Black. Length - 32 feet. Knot guideline pamphlet is incorporated. Material - cotton. Producer -  Doc Johnson. 

Hog Tie Leather Black

Hog Tie Leather Black. Material: leather. Length: 3 inches (each strap). Cuffs sold independently. Producer -  Kinklab.



Hog Tie Leather Red

Hog Tie Leather Red. Material - fantastic leather. Producer -  Kinklab. Sleeves Sold Separately. Length -  3 inches (each strap).

Leather Hog Tie Kit Black

Bring to life all your sexual dreams and get another involvement in BDSM diversions! Leather Hog Tie Kit Black includes 1 leather hog tie, 2 leather wrist sleeves, 2 leather lower leg sleeves. It is made of fantastic leather and highlighting wide, delicate and solid sleeves that won't scrape even the most delicate skin. .

Product features:

Closure: snap snare (hogtie), circle and space (cuffs) Weight -  1.16 ibs Materials: metal , leather  Manufacturer -  Kinklab  
Goods 1 - 8 on 8
goods per page

Explore high-class restraints to feel aesthetic joy

Walk on the wild side and create an erotic and steamy BDSM night you both won’t forget! A gentle yet stern dom always take care of his or her submissive and make them feel pleasurable excitement they desire. On our website, you’ll find all types of bondage gear and restraint straps to turn your routine sex life into a breathtaking role-playing game. 

Our sophisticated collection of Japanese bondage ropes and leather tie kits will be a frustrating addition to your sex toys case.      

Select mild or strong bondage

Bondage can make you experience the erotic and security feel of having your limbs bound up with the soft and strong ropes. Made of high-quality and durable materials, our arm and bedroom restraints will keep yours or your lover’s wandering hands and wiggling feet immobile during mind-blowing lovemaking without damaging your furniture.

Our ‘adults only’ restraint products are extremely comfortable and safe to wear due to the natural cotton and premium leather. The tie kits are firm and hassle free, they don’t irritate your lover’s delicate skin.  

Practical hints to neophytes: Trust, strong emotional connection, ability to talk about anything important are the core concepts behind BDSM. Don’t ignore your true desires. Proper discussion of restraints will help you and your significant other to achieve harmony without hurting each other. Whether you’re beginners or professionals, you’re strongly recommended to use a code word or phrase.

Why shop with us

We offer a wide variety of brand products for both beginners and experienced BDSM players. Shop our hand-picked selection of restraint straps for true BDSM fans at our website. Completely safe for your health, our sex toys are easy to use and clean. Awesome prices and amazing service will impress you.

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