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Rabbit Vibrators

Everyone has seen Sex and the City, so everyone can recognize this fancy looking toy. Hands down, rabbit vibrator is a girl’s best friend.

This peculiarly built sex toy offers double pleasure to ladies – it is designed for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation. With its thick shaft and sturdy curved stub, a rabbit vibe covers the needs of both of your hot spots, teasing and stimulating them until you are shivering with pre-orgasmic bliss.

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Nowadays rabbit vibes exist in a wide range of designs and models:

  • Beaded rabbit vibes
  • Non-beaded rabbit vibes
  • Rabbit vibes with “ears”
  • Rabbit vibes with G-spot stimulator
  • Rabbit vibes with “dolphin nose”
  • Rabbit vibes with “butterfly” clitoral stimulator

Each model has its benefits and tricky ways to send you quivering to the edge of orgasm. However, in case of our sex shop, all models featured in our broad assortment, are united by one feature – quality. Whether you choose a rabbit vibe made of petal smooth medical grade silicone or a finely textured vibe with several rows of rotating and stimulating solid beads, you are guaranteed a body safe sex toy that will satisfy all your sexual urges. It will be the perfect tool for your “alone time”, a steamy foreplay with your partner and other types kinky fun. Among our extensive range of features and benefits, there are models with water resistance and multiple functions, pulsation and speed modes to help you choose your favorite rhythm and pace.

Buy a rabbit vibrator for us – and you will get a trusty companion that will never get tired of pleasuring you.