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Pocket Rocket Vibrators

Pocket Rocket is a type of vibrator that truly lives up to its name. It is conveniently discreet, and yet it has enough capacity to stimulate your hot spots until you are breathless.

If you are in search of something small, that can be carried around in a purse or even in a pocket, but at the same time powerful enough to deliver you mind blowing pleasure, sex toys manufacturing gurus have just what you need.

The main benefits of Pocket Rocket sex toy are the following:

  • It is small. The average size of a Pocket Rocket is usually five inches. It  allows you to keep your plaything securely stored in your handbag or purse.
  • It is subtle. The non-phallic shape and design of a Pocket Rocket allow you to hide the true nature of this delicious device. Non-experienced people are more likely to confuse your personal Pocket Rocket vibe with a flashlight or a massager if they will stumble upon it by chance.
  • It is efficient. The strong vibrations make up for a compact length. Also, the design of Pocket Rocket implies use of gel or silicone attachments to make the sensations even more intense.

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The abundance of Pocket Rockets in our online sex shop is truly mind-blowing. Take your time looking through our exclusive models created by the most reliable and inventive sex toys manufacturers. Our assortment includes both single models and entire kits with various heads and attachments to make your discreet and kinky fun as stimulating as possible.