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Everything you need for a super cool party

With our gag gifts and funny party wear, you’ll enjoy every minute of your incredible soiree. Whether you need personalized party favors for your guests or just for your special one, we have the most fascinating souvenirs and novelties that are sure to surprise, impress, and overwhelm. We offer sophisticated, yet funny presents for adults to extend their horizons and play silly buggers. Our top party novelties include:

  • Gag gifts (e.g. kinky cash, sex stickies, coupons, and vouchers, penis pencils, amusing car signs, ring bells, and many more);
  • Party wear (light up necklaces, buttons, headbands, cowboy hats, funny t shirts)
  • Party decorations (diamond party banner and hilarious serving ware)
  • Penis-shaped candies and sugary lingerie with natural flavors, kinky fortune cookies;
  • Sexy gift bags and wraps.

Party-planning essentials

We know that planning an overwhelming party full of amazing favors is harder than it seems. Check out Femdom unique and fun gifts and other party staff designed especially for your pretty hot time with friends and lover.

If some of your guests are drivers or car owners, they will be absolutely thrilled with Femdom Road Tittles or Peckers, rear view mirror accessories. And that’s not the end! Try our stress balls shaped like erect female nipples or penis. They are smooth to the touch and perfectly suit for relaxation. Jumping pecker or dancing boobies will fuel the flame, spark a new wave of fun and games.

We offer only top-quality products at the wallet-friendly prices. If you plan something extraordinary and out of the box, order our ultimate novelties, and host the most creative and monkey mind party in the world.