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High quality sex lubricants for your health and fun

Femdom sex is lots of fun, but it is time to remember about the golden rule of taking care of your sub’s comfort and convenience. Safe words, rules and negotiations are an essential part of this rule as well as proper preparation. No bad pain must be allowed in your bedroom! Naturally, it’s up to you to be in control of the quality and safety of bondage gear, sex toys and clothing you pick for your slave. And don’t forget about the lube before you start using your hands or toys!

Getting your sub all oiled up and prepared for your dirty little game is a key to an orgasmic femdom experience. is here to make your job easier by offering you the full set of sex lubricants for your kinky adventures. Now, having a personal lubricant for the occasion won’t be a problem!

Top quality sex lubes for safe and pleasant femdom sex

We at keep our range of sex lubricants as inclusive as possible. Our selection features top quality silicone lubricants, natural lubricants without any synthetic ingredients, thick lubricant gel substances and waterbased lubricants that perfectly imitate the natural vaginal lubrication fluid. Also, our assortment boasts a huge number of edible lubricants that make oral sex even more arousing. Your slave is hesitant to use their tongue? With fine flavored lube they will be craving to taste you again and again.

We know the essential difference between a lubricant for women and a lubricant for men in order to offer the best options.

Lubricants for her

  • High quality vaginal lubricants for quality fun time in bedroom, bath, special bondage dungeon or any other place of your choice.
  • Oral lubricants with a wide range of flavors and scents to make the sex particularly delicious.  

Lubricants for him

  • Anal lubes: thick, safe lubricants that prepare your male submissive for pegging, fisting and other kinds of anal sex. Make sure to keep a lube like this at hand while getting ready to do your male toy with a strap-on.
  • Condom lubricants for better sliding and lesser friction.
  • Male lubricants for prolonging sex. Just spread some lube over his dick before letting him enter you and enjoy the extended experience.
  • Arousing lubricants for getting it up and ready and have your male sub writhing at your feet from extreme arousal.

Staying inventive is what keeps that BDSM fire burning. Using lube in your sex games can bring you much more than safe and healthy penetration. It also provides you with a large variety of sex tricks that will leave you both breathless. There are cooling lubricants have an amazing chilling effect on your hot body, arousing lubes that will keep your male slave ready for action for a much longer time, flavored lubricants for making your slave basically beg you for letting them lick everything up.