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Lubes & Lotions

Regardless of your sexual preferences, there are attributes that are irreplaceable for any kind of sex. Lubricants and body lotions are necessary for making your sex more pleasant and sensual and various types of these wonderful solutions provide you with a various range of effects.


Proper preparation is an essential part of a pleasurable and delightful sex. Whether you relieve some tension with your partner or with your favorite sex toys (or both), you need to make sure everything is nicely stretched and glides smoothly in and out. Famous sex toy brands always provide their buyers with trademark lubricants for anal and vaginal sex in order to help them fully enjoy their orgasmic experience.

There is a wide range of lubricants – from warming and arousing to cooling and sensitivity-increasing personal lubes – that can be found in our inclusive assortment at  

Lubricants for oral sex

Although oral sex does not require thorough preparations, some extra wetness and flavor will be a nice bonus. There are plenty of oral sex lubes, that are edible, have a nice scent and flavor that lets you taste your lover in an entirely new way.

From strawberry to mango to chocolate – we have them all and much more. See how delicious your oral loving can become.

Beauty and body

Aftercare and body care is important.  Give yourself the treatment your body and skin deserve with deluxe cosmetics, creams and moisturizers selected by specially for your health and beauty. You will be enjoying yourself and your body during and after sex even more after pampering it with high quality products.

Want to try something new? Add more arousing vibes into your foreplay by applying some pheromone perfumes. The combination of aroma and enticing effect of the pheromones will leave your partner counting the seconds until you both are alone in the bedroom.

Sensual massage

Slow and relaxing massage is an absolute win when it comes to foreplay. Nothing is more intimate and arousing than a scent of a massage oil lingering in the air as you roam your hands over your oiled lover’s body (or vice versa). Our assortment includes natural aroma oils, scented candles, massagers and everything that you need for a proper relaxing buildup.