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Leather Collar Red

Leather Collar Red.  Material - leather. Length - 19 inches. Width - 2 inches. Flexible from 12 crawls to 18 inches. Conclusion - circle and slot. 

Silicone Ball Gags - Black

Silicone Ball Gags - Black - movable and agreeable. Made of 100% restorative silicone. Width - 1.75 inches. Phthalate free and non-toxic. 

Silicone Ball Gag - Red

Silicone Ball Gag - Red. Completely flexible. Material - restorative silicone, phthalate free. Ball width - 1.75 inches. Maker - California Exotic Novelties.

Collar Biothane Red

Collar Biothane Red.  Adjustable.  Materials: faux cowhide, metal. ​Manufacturer - Fresh & Play



Collar Biothane Yellow

Collar Biothane Yellow. Adjustable. Materials -  faux calfskin and metal. Maker -  Fresh & Play. 

Leather Collar Black

Leather Collar Black. Producer -  Kinklab. Material - fantastic leather. Closure - circle and slot. Length - 19 inches. Width - 2 inches. Adjustable. 

Blindfold With Ball Gag Black O/S

Teach your sub how to keep their mouth shut and not to look with this stunning set! Comfortable ball gag  made of excellent PVC will keep your sub from speaking without your permission while soft blindfold will abandon them completely ill-equipped to your grimy little tricks. 

Open Mouth Gag Gold O/S

Shut your submissive up with style! This open mouth gag is a truly pleasant addition to your bondage games regardless of your sub's encounter level. Supported by fake crocodile cowhide straps, it would me be able to easily adjusted to any size. You sub's mouth will stay open for you, yet they won't have the capacity to say a word, allowing you to increase full control over their body and speech.  


Fetish Fantasy Gold Ball Gag Black

This is an exquisite fancy device for quieting your sub for quite a while. Advantageous and without phtalate ball-molded gag is connected to adjustable velcro straps, transforming this gag into one-measure fits-all gadget for taking control of your compliant and denying them of their words amid your BDSM sessions. Make the most of your unusual delights with the assistance of this model from Fetish Fantashy line. 


Fetish Fantasy Gold O-Ring Gag Black

This rich, breathable gag from Fetish Fantasy Gold collection is not only the ideal thing to keep your mouth generally open and prepared for a diversion, additionally, on account of the adept combination of golden metal with a luxurious black false calfskin, it looks exceptionally attractive on its owner. A Velcro strap is appended to sturdy metal rings that thusly provides a safe gag fixation. Measurement: 1.75 inches. Materials: metal, PVC. 

Product features:

Weight: - 2.00 ounces Diameter -  1.75 inches Adjustable  Materials -  metal , artificial leather  Color -  black, gold


Deluxe Spider Gag Black/Gold One Size

A sumptuous gag from the new Fetish Fantasy Gold accumulation by Pipedream, the world renowned organization delivering sex toys. This accumulation was made for current, strong, chic individuals who need to be dependably in pattern. Deluxe Spider Gag Black/Gold One Size looks amazingly a la mode as well as will make you meek to be quiet and faithful. The exemplary ring size is perfect for both learner and experienced BDSM aficionados.The ring is beautified with four bended metal legs. Straps have flexible size and could be affixed at the scruff. The gag is finished with golden rings and gleaming rivets. 

Product features:

Weight -  3.30 ounces Width -  1.75 inches Length -  25.00 inches Adjustable  Materials: metal , false leather


Masquerade Mask & Ball Gag Black


Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Masquerade Mask & Ball Gag Black. Instruct your partner the significance of accommodation in the blink of an eye with this breathable Masquerade Mask & Ball Gag. Not at all like conventional ball gags, this gag highlights air openings for simple breathing, making it ideal for fledglings and a good time for everybody. The flexible headband extends to fit most sizes while the gag can be cleaned effortlessly with toy cleaner and warm water. One size fits most. With this firm, breathable ball gag stuck in your subject's mouth, they won't have the capacity to state a word, what occurs next is up to you!

Penis Gag W/Flesh Dildo

Make your sub work with their mouth hard! This astounding penis gag is furnished with a ribbed, reasonable dildo made of great TPR, upheld by effectively flexible calfskin strap. A short dildo within the gag will fit pleasantly into your pet's mouth, keeping it occupied while you pull the rope and request them around! 

Double Penis Gag

Brought to your by Spartacus, this astonishing gag is a genuine encapsulation of flexibility. With a mouth brimming with thick dildo-molded PVC 5.25 inches gag your resigned accomplice will remain delightfully silent (aside from a couple of scrumptious snorts or muted moans) and faithful and in the meantime prepared to work. Balance them, yank their neckline and guide them to your personal zones. Don't neglect to reward them on the off chance that they do well or beat them in the event that they don't!

Product features: 

Dildo and gag made of great PVC  High quality calfskin harness  Easily adjustible because of double D-rings 


Gag O Ring 1-3/4in Leather

Gag O-Ring 1-3/4in Leather is a convenient and lovely accessory for bondage, which will leave no one BDSM diversions aficionado apathetic. The ring slides into the mouth of your slave and keeps it open as long as you may wish. 

Product Details: Adjustable Material -  Leather ​ Metal hardware Manufacturer -  Spartacus Mfg Warranty Included 


Large Ball Gag With D Ring 2 Inch - Black

Large Ball Gag With D-Ring 2 Inch - an exceptionally excellent and durable BDSM frill. Toy splendidly stifles every one of the sounds without bringing on any discomfort. The strap is made of black calfskin and closes with a D-ring latch; the ball is made of non-lethal rubber. Width -  2.00 inches

Product features:

Weight -  5.12 ounces Width -  2.00 inches Mfg guarantee included  Materials -  leather, rubber  Color: black


Beginner Ball Gag - Black

Beginner Ball Gag - Black. Maker -  Tantus Inc. Material - silicone.  Width: 1.60 Inches.  Length: 2.95 Inches. Phthalates free, latex free. 

Beginner Ball Gag Red

Beginner Ball Gag Red. Material - silicone, leather. ​Width -  1.60 Inches. ​Length -  2.50 Inches. Producer -  Tantus Inc. 

Beginner Ball Gag - Pink

Beginner Ball Gag - Pink. Weight -  6.08 Ounces. Width - 1.60 Inches. Length - 2.50 Inches. Phthalate Free. Latex Free. Hypoallergenic. Producer -  Tantus Inc.


Silencer Inflatable Locking Penis Gag

If you don't need your sub to talk yet need his or her mouth to be occupied, quite recently put this dildo-molded gag into their mouth and secure the straps. Put a bolt and put the key away and after that snatch the weight globule to ensure there won't be sufficient space in their mouth for words! The Silencer Inflatable Locking Penis Gag is a compelling and unbelievably hot approach to quiet your resigned partner!  

Product features: 

Made of medicinal review silicone; Has no taste; Has no odor; Phthalate free; Easily changed in accordance with any size through calfskin straps; Buckle good with any sort of basic lock; Very simple to blow up and deflate;


Inhibitor Inflatable Gag Black

Teach your sub the prudence of quiet with the assistance of the Inhibitor Inflatable Gag Black! The butterfly gag is intended to advantageously fit any mouth. Once the gag is in its place, you can blow up it to an important size by utilizing the ball pump. With a turn of the discharge handle, the gag is rapidly and effectively deflated. 

Product features: 

Convenient butterfly-formed mouthpiece; Easy-to-use; Made of body safe brilliant rubber;
Bettie Page Collar Me Collar And Leash Set Black 34 Inch Chain

Add some great style to your BDSM games with this rich Bettie Page set! Exquisite black shading made of sewed artificial calfskin and fixed with ultrasoft velvet design your accommodating, while rotatable D-ring and long metal leash give solace and control! The collar can be acclimated to extensive assortment of sizes! 

Product features:

Non-allergenic; Made of superb false leathers; Softened with velvet lining; Easy to move around because of rotatable D-ring (each of the 360 degrees!) Removable metal leash (34 inches long) Elegant keychain and capacity box are included!
Black Collar Leather with O-Ring S/M

Collar with O-ring is a constant quality of BDSM fans. All BDSM aficionados or couples who need to diversify their personal lives are going to love it. The collar is made of astounding leather and has chrome equipment. O-ring allows the collar to be connected to any leash, and in this manner to control or limit the movement of your partner. 

Product Features: Weight -  12.00 Ounces Adjustable  Materials -  Leather  Metal hardware Mfg Warranty Included 



Steel Band Collar With Leash Large

This beautiful collar is ideal for resigned preparing! With secure lock and perfect chain leash incorporated into the bundle, the Steel Band Collar can be efortlessly changed in accordance with any size. Your sub's solace is guaranteed by the delicate elastic layer on the internal side of the collar and around its edges. Your sub will be happy to take after the tag of your leash! 

Product features: 

Made of stainless steel;  Softened with excellent rubber;  Easily adjustable; Padlock included; Chain leash included; 
Rapture Round Stainless Steel Collar

Made of amazing stainless steel, this collar will be a beautiful beautification for your slave. Simple to bolt and open, good with rope and chains by means of exceptional ring, this thing epitomizes the BDSM aesthetic! 

Product features

Made of solid and durable material;  Ring for chain or leash; Includes lock; Non-allergic; Stainless;
Black Leather Collar With Broad Tip Nipple Clamps

This unusual collar made by Spartacus consolidates utility, BDSM stylish and adaptability. Adjustible wide tip nipple clamps are associated with the collar by means of non-removable 12 inch chain and secured by layer of elastic to keep any sort of terrible agony. Leather collar can be changed in accordance with extensive variety of sizes. 

Product features: 

Adjustable clamps;  Broad end, elastic secured tips; Made of top notch materials;  Convenient D-ring;  Adjustable collar (15 to 16 inches); 
Collar 1.5

This collar was high quality from craftsman cowhide to convey genuine tasteful to your BDSM recreations. Everything about its outline just shouts accommodation, making it an extraordinary embellishment for your sub. Agreeable and furnished with three bondo rings, this collar give you an extensive variety of decision with regards to affixing your sub up!

Product features: 

Made of fine handmade delicate leather;  Has delicate lining;  Adjustable (from 14 to 19 inches); Includes 3 smaller than expected bondo rings; Extremely comfortable; 
Goods 1 - 34 on 34
goods per page

Gags & Collars

Among the extensive range of BDSM tools, collars and gags are an absolute must have for all kinky lovers. Equip your sub properly for your fun games with the help of!

Adult collars for adult BDSM games

Nothing speaks control and dominance like a collar decorating your submissive’s neck! Handy for many purposes (like chaining your sub to the bed or hooking him to a leash), BDSM collars reflect your wish to dominate and your sub’s desire to succumb to your will. Of course, it is not wise to have just one collar. Seeing your slave wearing a new kinky accessory will instantly make you hot and bothered: why deny yourself the pleasure? 

Find new accessory to satisfy your collar kink in our assortment of S&M collars, which includes the following kink collar types:  

  • Posture collars

Sexy high collars that fix your sub’s neck in one place and help them keep their chin up! There are leather posture collars, bondage posture collars made of latex and silicone.

  • Padlock collars

These collars can even be called elegant. Locked tight with a special lock, they will make your sub work hard for a key.

  • Rubber submission collars

Made of high quality rubber material, these kink collars can be a real eye candy due to their various color schemes and fun designs. Offering a high level of comfort to your sub, they provide you both with a pleasant and hot BDSM sexy times. 

High quality gags for bondage games

Now, S&M games are no fun without a little bit of silent treatment!

In spite of its simple concept, the gag has a powerful effect on your sub, allowing him to fully understand his situation and his status, while you assert your dominance. The modern BDSM industry provides the fetish lovers with various designs for roleplays, submissive training, femdom sex and other types of delightful fun times. Breathable ball gags for your sub’s comfort and convenience, small ball gags for inexperienced submissive partners and large ball gags for the skilled ones, the latest types of ball-and-gags and other kinds of gags –  this is the goodness that modern, reliable sex toy producers offer to doms and subs everywhere in the world.

At you can purchase ball gags and other types of gags, specifically designed for robbing your sub of his words while you have your way with him. We offer the widest range of S&M gags of all colors and styles.   

All gags featured in our online sex shop are made of high quality, hypoallergenic silicone and latex. Treat your sub gently: you want them tremble from pleasure, not from discomfort.