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Extreme Bondage

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Extreme bondage

Vanilla sex is not for you? You want something more hardcore than usual BDSM equipment can offer? The bondage is not fun unless it is extreme bondage?

Luckily, we have something that will please your kinky fetishes. exists to provide all lovers, especially those who love mix pleasure and pain, madness and restraint.

If you and your sub do not want to go soft, then we will have your to go hard by offering you an extensive range of extreme bondage toys. Use them to toy with your slave as you see fit and bring all your scandalous fantasies to life.

Broad assortment of bondage gear for extreme games

We are proud with our selection of gear for all kinds of hardcore BDSM – from traditional couples bondage to lesbian bondage.  

Deface your submissive partner, reduce them to the status of an obedient sex toys by putting a bondage hood on them, blinding and gagging them and leaving them completely helpless. Try new shades of extreme latex bondage with the most scandalous equipment.  

Play naughty doctor and make your sub go through a delightfully medical examination with our medical extreme bondage gear.

Your male sub has been naughty? Time to remind who he belongs to via extreme device models for male bondage – ball dividers, nipple clamps and other small, but efficient tools to make your male pet remember about the punishments you can subject him to. Use it for your role play games or just any time you feel that your sub is needy and you have to assert your dominance.