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Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Ben Wa Balls

Want to reproduce that hot scene with Ben Wa balls from "Fifty Shades of Grey" novel? Presently you can! The official Fifty Shades of Gray Pleasure Collection, supported by the novel writer herself, is glad to present you the  Inner Goddess Ben Wa Balls that look and work simply like it was depicted in the books. Made of strong, clean metal with silver sparkle and bolstered by solid and flexible silicone string, these balls are extraordinary both for beginners and propelled clients. Substantial, smooth and fortifying, they will furnish you with hours of delight consolidated with muscle training! 

Product features: 

Made of fine metal; Solid and overwhelming (weight  –  221 g,  circumference – 4 inches, length – 8.5 inches) Elastic thread;  Allow G-spot stimulation;  Waterproof; Phthalate free;  Latex free;  Large metal circle for recovery is included; Non-allergenic; Body safe; 


Goods 1 - 100 on 1867
goods per page


Great sex means great fun and great responsibility. In your intimate life you need both. This is why has gathered everything necessary for you to take care of yourself and enjoy your life.


Get some entertainment before proceeding to the main course! Clever and tongue-in-cheek board games will help you and your partner to lighten up and add some spice to your sexual life. Follow the rules, throw the dice, read the wish cards and see where they get you. Do you feel the thrill already?

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Take care of your toys. Take care of yourself. The more expensive and modern your sex toy is, the more care it requires – starting from cleaning and ending with storage. We have got you covered – our assortment includes a wide range of cleaning fluids for sex toys that prevent risks of bacteria or toys getting deformed. Our set of neat, modern lockable cases for vibes both ensures safety of your favorite toys and your own confidentiality – no living soul will be able to unlock the case! Your secret pleasures are yours alone!

Running out of batteries? Better acquire a supply from us! We sell AAA, AA, C2 and other battery types, from the most common to the most rare.   

Do not forget about your own health and safety? We at are always ready to provide our buyers with the basic protection – high quality, durable condoms – and offer something special for women like healthy means to recover after birth or just to improve intimate muscle control via top quality Kegel exercisers and Ben Wa balls.

With looking out for your convenience and safety, you can enjoy your sex life without unnecessary worries!