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Electrostimulation Gear

Electrostimulation or electrosex – imitation of various body sensations, from pleasant to the discomfort ones using pulse current. As you know, all our feelings are the result of the brain work, which reacts differently to electrical pulses coming to it from the nerve endings. Sexual feelings are no exception. While stimulating the erogenous zones with the help of electrostimulation devices, electrical pulses come from nerve endings and deliver information about feelings through nerves to the brain.

Electrostimulation toys for sophisticated pleasure

Taking into account such knowledge, sex toys manufacturers have produced a number of electrosex gears that can produce special electrical impulses imitating those that occur during genitals stimulation, thereby causing a rich spectrum of feelings and impacting on the muscles and nerve endings. You may apply electro stim being along or together with your partner taking and giving pleasure, and sometimes “torturing" your partner.

Is electrostimulation equipment safe for health?

  • Like any other activity, e-stim will be useful and safe if to use electro stimulation instrument properly and could be quite dangerous if to overdo it.
  • Electro stimulation is contraindicated in some cases (heart diseases, implants, etc).
  • We also advise you not to use homemade devices or cheap electrosex toys from dubious unknown companies
  • Do not use electro stimulation very often, 2 times a day will be enough. Because sexual pleasure is different and do not forget about other types of stimulation.
  • In other cases, electrosex is not only safe but it useful as well. Also, electrosex devices and machine are used to treat urological diseases such as prostatitis and even to improve potency.
  • Buy only quality electrosex toys from reliable brands.

The widest selection of electrostimulation toys 

All electric sex toys available in our store are made of high-quality materials and are completely safe for you and your partner's health. Moreover, having electrosex devices in your arsenal, you could bring yourself to orgasm, whenever you want!