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Discreet vibrators – girl's best friends!

A Huge diversity of various vibrators kinds presented on the modern market of sex toys really boggles the imagination. Made of high-quality gel, PVC, silicone, CyberSkin, plastic and glass, coming with additional accessories or featuring an unusual shape. They are all designed to give the most charming emotions to all representatives of the fair sex. However, a special place among them is held by discreet vibrators. These little women helpers provided by a powerful vibration and have a minimalist design. Very often models of such discreet sex toys have a smooth streamlined body and a built-in or external vibration mechanism. However, there are models in the form of a lipstick, flower, banana, ducks, etc. Their compact size makes it possible to use mini vibes almost everywhere and not limit yourself by the bounds of your home or apartment.

Compact sizes and great opportunities

Discreet vibrators are most often used for clitoral, anal and vaginal stimulation. However, according to your wishes they may be used to stimulate nipples or any other sensitive, erogenous area of your body allowing you to reach bright orgasm within a very short time. Mini vibrators have different modes of vibration, which can be easily adjusted. Accordingly, you can reduce or increase the time of their use, by choosing a particular vibration speed. Most often discreet vibes have a waterproof body and will help to spend time in the bath or shower more efficiently. In a word mini vibes are just as good as big ones!

Advantages of discreet vibes:

  • They are very comfortable when having sexual intercourse with a man. During vaginal or anal sex, such a compact device could be placed on the clitoris for example. At the same time, it will not restrict the movement or prevent close contact allowing you to get even more pleasure.
  • Modern models of mini vibrators have very original forms. There are devices resembling an ordinary mascara or lipstick. And thanks to their compact size can easily fit in a make-up bag, purse or clutch. So that such sex-toy could easily get lost among other belongings and will not cause too many questions.
  • Most mini-vibrator work on one battery, and it is enough for 5-10 hours of continuous use. Some models are provided with a charger that plugs into a conventional wall outlet or computer.
  • A mini vibrator can be provided with remote control. You can even insert the device to an intimate zone and go for a walk with it.