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Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs - Purple

Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs - Purple.Material - silk. Maker - Topco Sales.Length: 5.00 inches. A 16-page booklet to guide you in your investigation of the delights of Japanese rope subjugation is additionally included.

Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs - Red

Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs - Red. ​Length - 5.00 Inches. ​Materials - silk. ​​Manufacturer -  Topco Sales


Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs - Black

Japanese Silk Love Rope Wrist Cuffs - Black. Length - 5.00 inches. Manufacturer - Topco Sales. ​​​Materials - silk 


Bondage Mittens Leather

Sexual mittens are made of superb leather. Appropriate for all sizes. Simply tie hands of your accommodating up and appreciate perpetual bondage opportunities. 

Product features:

Material: leather, metal Weight -  8.24 ounces Size: one size fits most Adjustable Dee ring Manufacturer: Kinklab
Edge Leather Ankle Restraints Black

Leather ankle restraints with clasp conclusion. A superb product from fresh out of the box new Edge line. High quality from fine nickel free metal and regular leather, fixed with polyester for additional solace. Incorporate removable metal tie. You can modify them from 11,5 to 19 inches. 


Ouch Silicone Cuffs Red

Ouch Silicone Cuffs Red. Material - 100% silicone. Maker -  Evolved Novelties. Dimensions: around 3.93 creeps by 7.87 crawls by 1.96 inches. Weight -  6.84 ounces.


Edge Leather Arm Restraints Black

Fine leather arm restraints conveyed to you by the acclaimed Edge line. Made from metal and common leather, they can be balanced from 14 to 21.5 creeps to fit arms or thights. Furnished with clasp conclusion. Metal tie can be evacuated. For additional solace the restraints are fixed with polyester and softenet with polyurethane foam. 


Bad Romance Translucent Handcuffs Pink Velcro

Glossy pink handcuffs that brag helpful metal fastenings and D-ring connectors. Velcro terminations and delicious pink shading make Bad Romance Transculent Handcuffs an astonishing decision for some unusual and shrewd activity. Size can be adjusted. 


Bad Romance Leather Black White Hand/Leg Cuffs

Black and white leather cuffs ideal for binding your sub's hands of legs. Lined by softened cowhide from inside for solace of your sub, furnished with D-ring connectors, these cuffs will make an awesome apparatus for your unusual subjugation diversions and will coordinate splendidly with other servitude equipment. 

Bad Romance Translucent Leg Cuffs Metal Nails

White Translucent Leg Cuffs with Metal Nails.

Chic and snazzy cuffs made of superb metal and brightened with studs. This a la mode and sumptuous frill is perfect for individuals inclining toward mold fashioner things. Cuffs are associated with each other with the assistance of a long metal chain. Length – movable. Materials – PVC, metal. 

Product features:

Adjustable length Stylish design Materials - PVC, metal  Color - clear, silver


Bad Romance Translucent Handcuffs Metal Nails

Bad Romance Translucent Handcuffs Metal Nails -  sophisticated handcuffs from a lavish accumulation of BDSM adornments made of superb PVC and metal with a reflexive wrap up. Finished with metal studs.The sleeves are associated with the assistance of metal chain with swiveling hooks.

Product features:

Material -  PVC, metal Stylish design The polished surface  Adjustable straps Manufacturer: Evolved Novelties


Bad Romance Translucent Leg Cuffs Black Stripes

Bad Romance Translucent Leg Cuffs Black Stripes – chic cuffs for the legs are made of superb PVC, metal and PU calfskin, phthalate free and hypoallergenic materials. Such slick and lavish frill is perfect for individuals inclining toward present day mold things. Cuffs are associated with each other by a long metal chain with swiveling hooks. 

Product features:

Adjustable  Materials  - PVC, PU calfskin, metal Color - black, clear Manufacturer - Evolved Novelties


Bad Romance Translucent Handcuffs Black Stripes

Bad Romance Translucent Handcuffs Black Stripes - two-shading striped sleeves made of premium-quality PVC and metal. This in vogue and lavish extra is perfect for all fashionistas. Sleeves size could be effortlessly controlled with the goal that you may solidly settle them on the wrists. Sleeves are associated with each other by a long metal chain with swiveling hook. Phthalate free, latex free and nickel free. 

Product features:

Adjustable  Materials -  PVC, metal Color - black, clear Manufacturer -  Evolved Novelties


Ouch Silicone Cuffs Black

Ouch Silicone Cuffs Black. Dimensions: around 3.93 creeps by 7.87 crawls by 1.96 inches. Weight - 6.84 ounces. Producer -  Evolved Novelties. Material - 100% silicone. 



Wild & Willing Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs Black

Elegant Wild & Willing Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs made in retro style from Bettie Page (American photographer's demonstrate, who worked in such styles as suggestive, obsession and stick up) authority accumulation. Cuffs are made of fantastic, delicate and lovely to the touch leather and are associated with each other by a solid metal chain. The set comprises of cuffs, collector's card, and keychain and is exhibited in a capacity box.

Product features:

Weight -  10.40 ounces Length - 10.50 inches Velvet lining Phthalate Free Latex Free,  Adjustable




Black Rose Kinky Cuffs

Sophisticated delicate cuffs, made in black and purple, adorned with trim and texture black rose. They have inside a delicate velvet coating to keep skin from damage. Cuffs are associated by metal rings and swiveling snare. Their size could be effortlessly managed with the assistance of advantageous velcro locking framework. You may utilize them to limit hands and legs also. Toal length - 11,12 inches, width - 2.8 inches. Maker – Doc Johnson (USA). Wipe clean, delicately hand-wash or clean. 

Product Details: Chic design Metal hardware Velcro locking system. Weight -  5.60 Ounces Width -  2,8 Inches Length - 11,12 Inches Materials -  Velvet 


Scarlet Bondage Cuffs Red/Black

Scarlet Bondage Cuffs Red/Black are made of delicate and brilliant false cowhide, associated with each other by a removable swiveling snare. Such embellishment is immaculate to limit hands or legs of your significant others. With these unusual bondage cuffs, extreme delight is sitting tight for you and your accomplice! Flexible size. 

Product features:

High-quality false leather Easy-on and simple off Velcro strips Clip together with the assistance of metal hook Adjustable 
Ankle Restraint Pink/Blue

Ankle Restraint Pink/Blue – jazzy and sturdy BDSM embellishment that will control legs developments and include exceptional recollections amid sex. It will end up being a fundamental partner when you need to have a go at something new. Material -  vegan-accommodating artificial calfskin. Adjustable. 

Product Details:

High quality Mfg Warranty Included  Material -  Faux Leather  Manufacturer -  Spartacus


Edge Leather Wrist Restraints Black

Durable and agreeable leather movable wrist restraints with clasp conclusion. Handcrafted of cowhide leather and nickel plated equipment. Can be balanced from 9 to 14 inches. Outfitted with a removable metal tie. Mollified with polyester fabric. 


Goods 1 - 24 on 24
goods per page

Cuffs – good old attribute of BDSM sessions

What role do you prefer – to be a submissive slave or a domineering master, you like to obey or to give orders? Various role-playing games in BDSM style will help you to learn something new about yourself and experience, perhaps, strange and previously unknown, forbidden and extremely arousing feelings. As doing everything you want with your submissive is so pleasant. However, no one BDSM session is possible without such devices as handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and thigh cuffs.

Using special sadomasochistic paraphernalia allows realizing all secret desires, without hurting anyone. So that you will not feel a sense of guilt for your own fantasies, but get sexual pleasure from an exciting erotic game, because it always requires full trust and mutual wishes of the parties.

Reliable way to turn your fantasies into reality

Due to the ease of use, original design, various kinds (suspension cuffs, police cuffs, love cuffs), as well budget-friendly price – these adult toys occupy first places in the intimate accessories popularity rating of our online store, and very often they are the first devices, which buyers dare to buy. And it is no wonder because sexologists claim that a sexual game using cuffs is one of the most exciting.

With the help of only one pair of handcuffs, you could handcuff your victim to the headboard, door, radiator, etc. Having in the arsenal two or more pairs of cuffs you will be able to restrain a person almost entirely. – the only place to buy cuffs

All cuffs presented in our online store are made of high-quality materials by trusted foreign manufacturers. Mechanisms of toys do not rust, do not break and do not wedge up. Among our huge range of products, you will find models made of metal, faux leather, leather, decorated with studs and fur. In one word we are 100% sure that everyone will find here the exact model, he/she is looking for.