Payment Methods

Discover a simple way to pay for desired products

Have you added everything you need to your cart? Excellent! Now, you should make a payment to complete your order. You can easily do it via PayPal.

Step 1

Click on the button ‘Check out with PayPal’.

PayPal button

Step 2

Please log in to your PayPal account to pay for the selected items. Just type your email and password into the corresponding fields. 

Login with PayPal account

Click on ‘Log in’ button. Pay with you debit or credit card.  

Step 3

If you still don’t have a PayPal account, you can create it right here and now! Select the option ‘Create a PayPal account’ and fill out carefully the registration form.

Create a PayPal account

Click on the ‘Agree and Create Account’ button and get ready to benefit as an advanced user!

On this step, you should confirm your payment. We guarantee full privacy of your personal data.  

Step 4

Afterwards, please specify the delivery details in the related window. You should choose the destination country, and then fill out obligatory fields, namely: ZIP/Postal code, state/region/province, city, street address, P.O. Box, first name, last name, and contact email.

Note: If you don’t type all the necessary information, the pop-up message ‘Please, enter your contact data to complete the order’ will be displayed.

We provide shipping worldwide. The shipping costs will depend on the destination country and city, as well as on the delivery service charges.

If you have additional questions regarding PayPal payments, please contact us via email