Your safety and comfort is our # 1 priority. Therefore, we guarantee you that all information you submit to the website is anonymous and is not shared with the third party. You are protected from data theft, disclosure and any other risks of intrusion into your private life.

To process your orders we use the following types of information:

Personally identifiable

The personal information that you submit in order to complete your order: name, last name, address, phone number, etc. This data is used to contact you, specify the order details and deliver your items to your chosen address.

Non-personally identifiable:

  • Your IP address
  • Web pages on visited by you

This data is gathered for analysis of customer behavior and used to improve the Site performance. We collect it via non-invasive and legal tracking technology (“cookies”) that does not install any PC malware or tracks your general Internet activity. The purpose of this technology is to simplify the buying and ordering process for you by making your browser recognizable to the Site each time you visit it. You can always disable cookies.


The only financial data that is accessible to us is the data you submit: the number of your credit card, its expiration date and your billing address. This information is used for transactions and is thoroughly protected by our defense systems.


Discreet delivery

We perform our delivery with the deep respect for your privacy and take all necessary precaution measures to conceal the information about the order.

  • The order is wrapped into a thick, non-transparent package;
  • If the order has not been approved by the customer, we DO NOT deliver it;
  • Only the customer can approve the order via phone call;
  • The sender is indicated as a private person (name, last name), not an enterprise.