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Condoms have been an integral part of our lives for many consecutive years. And it is not surprising that a lot of people can hardly imagine their sex live without these little miracles of science. In the civilized world, taking care of yourself and your partner has become an extremely important and sometimes fundamental part of the relationship between partners. For this very reason, many couples choose a safe and comfortable sex with condoms.

Condoms are not only an excellent barrier method of contraception but also effective means to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Condoms were and are the most popular method of protection from the most ancient times as they are easy to use, convenient and very compact. They could be easily placed in a separate pocket, wallet compartment or purse. Thus, you are always ready for a pleasant intimate date.

Our assortment:

  • Super thin and sensitive condoms
  • Female condoms
  • Glow-in-the-dark condoms
  • Flavored condoms
  • Studded condoms
  • Ribbed condoms
  • Non-latex condoms
  • Edible condoms
  • Extra large condoms
  • Others

How to use. Precautionary measures

Condoms may vary in size, shape, color, and thickness, as well as the could have a different texture to enhance pleasure for both partners during sexual intercourse. The main purpose of the condom is to prevent the penetration of sperm into the vagina, as well as to prevent the contact of vaginal lubricant with the penis. But unfortunately, condoms lose their effectiveness if they have been damaged. And this damage may be so insignificant that it could hardly be noticed. In order to avoid this, always follow the simple rules:

  • Before you purchase a condom, check its expiration date, which is printed on the box. Never use an expired condom.
  • Never open the condom package before putting it on the penis and do not try to check its integrity (by inflating, filling it with water), it is pointless and greatly increases the risk of its damage.
  • Do not use silicone based lubricants with a condom, they can have a damaging effect on latex.
  • Strictly follow the instructions for condoms use.

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Our online store provides its clients with a wide range of the best condoms coming in various colors and sizes. All of them are able to improve your sex life and protect against possible negative consequences. Enjoy your shopping with us!