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Cockrings are quite favored by men who wish to bring extra pleasure to their lovers. It is amazing how such little toy can influence your orgasm and sensations! Being wrapped comfortably tight around the men’s penis it extends the duration of the erection and keeps the man from ejaculating, making him go much longer, until both of you are breathless and sated!

Penis rings are common for all types of sex toy fans, including BDSM-loving couples. After all, a pleasure ring makes a sweet torture device! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your sub bound and throbbing, begging for release and working for it!

Put a C ring on it!

Dig into our wide assortment of penis rings, that the most reliable and trustworthy sex toy manufacturing brands supply us with! All the rings available in our online sex shop are absolutely safe for health. Whether they are made of TPR, silicone or cyberskin, they are absolutely body safe and will not damage the sensitive skin or the blood flow or cause any negative consequences. The range of models is truly impressive. There are traditional cock rings for beginners, which are elastic and offer enough bright sensations for you both to get the hang of it.

Once you are familiar with the basics, time for the fun part! The sex toy market has so many models for you to try out and all of them are collected on our website! Titillating vibrating cockrings, stimulating textured toys and deliciously naughty double penetration rings – the variety is truly mind-blowing!