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Clone Your Own Dildos

Create your own original sex toy without any professional help. Sex toy brands make pleasure even more affordable than you can imagine.

Clone-A-Willy  is a special kit that quickly became a real boom in the sex industry. It is a truly revolutionary concept. The kit contains everything necessary for you to create a perfect mold of a male penis. For instance, you can get a mold of your partner’s member and turn it into your favorite sex toy that will pleasure and entertain you when your lover is not around.

The kit already features all important note and instructions and provides you with a body safe material – nontoxic platinum silicone. It is very easy to work with and very resilient once it dries, and includes seaweed-based polymers that are absolutely non toxic.

 Create a perfect dildo yourself

It is very easy to find your perfect penis moulding kit once you decide to go to We offer you the widest range of sets and kits:

  • Glow in the dark kits;
  • Edible kits;
  • Vibrating kits;
  • Full kits (penis + balls).

With these penis casting kits making a dick-shaped sex toy of your dreams is no longer a fantasy. You can create it in any color and pattern as well as to make it vibrate for you. We guarantee you that you will easily craft an efficient, flexible and pleasant sex toy that will reward you for your efforts with extremely pleasant stimulation.