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Discover unrivaled intimacy with the best chastity cages

Get rid of your sex routine with the wonderful male chastity devices. Encase your partner’s cock in the exclusive bondage gear. The chastity cage is outstanding fit for orgasms denial and pleasure intensity. As a dictatorial mistress, you can allow your submissive to dive deeper into your secret desires wrapping your sub’s phallus in an erotic embrace. Make sure, that’s pretty hot!

These sex toys are designed mostly for dedicated BDSM-lovers.

What do you want penis restraints to be made of?

We cooperate with the top sex toy manufacturers that provide the safe and hottest adult toys. On our website, we offer a wide variety of sexual products for your kinky femdom play.

The premium-quality penis restraints are usually made of leather, stainless steel, plastic polycarbonate, and silicone. Your choice will depend on the time of wearing and the size of the ‘prisoner’. To introduce your partner to the feeling of having his cock encased in an erotic squeeze, you can select a cock harness with metal rings and leather strap. This chastity device is inexpensive, but it can be worn for quite a while since your lover should remove it for showering or bathing.   

Polycarbonate cock devices are truly comfortable and can be left on yours or your partner’s body for months. Furthermore, this type of sex toys, e.g. CB6000 male chastity device, is completely undetectable under trousers. 

Made of flexible silicone, ultimate chastity cages are far lighter in weight than the metal or even plastic penis restraints. They quickly warm to your sub’s body temperature. Some models feature the ring connected with the tube, whilst others include separate rings.   

Choose the cozy chastity devices

Squeeze your lover’s penis into a little jail and lock it up, so you can make him admire you more. Let him out if he pleased you enough. Or keep him locked up for extended period of time limiting both his erection and stimulation.  

In our online shop, you can pick the most popular and affordable cock cages to make you and your partner feel a higher sex drive.