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Only the best BDSM gear in our bondage kits

Looking forward to fun times with your male sub lover, but don’t have time to prepare or update your bondage supplies? No worries! That’s why bondage kits exist. Including every necessary tool for a passionate femdom sex, they spare you from the effort of selecting sex toys for your kinky fetish games, however, provide you with the same quality and convenience.  

So, if you and your partner are usually busy at work during the day, it doesn’t mean that you have to postpone your femdom sexy times and leave your male sub without a nice new male bondage gear.

Find the perfect bondage kit for you and your man

Our website has a bondage set for any preference. Whether you wish to subject your sub to a ball bondage or a rope bondage, you will find a perfect kit in a second.  All our bondage kits for male subs include various male bondage devices, for mild and the extremely kinky plays, for subs in training and perfect, experienced slaves. Including both bondage tools and bondage accessories (from candles to blindfolds and bondage harnesses) to provide you with everything necessary for toying with your slave and driving him mad from the intense pleasure.  Bondage kits on our website can fit any bondage wear for men you have, so don’t hesitate to add some arousing fetish aesthetic to your femdom play sessions. You and your partner will love it.

Top quality male bondage devices for your entertainment

Our website offers feature kits for bondage from most popular and well-known sex toy brands. They differ in design and trademark style, but never – in high quality and safety. The bondage toys for men designed by reliable companies bring only hot pleasure and stimulation, not pain and discomfort because they are made of eco-friendly materials, that are not allergic, don’t harm sensitive skin and allow you to control the level of pain from slightly teasing to sinful pleasures. Choose your sort of hard and soft for this night and surprise your slave with new male bondage devices!