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Fetish Blindfold - Black - O/S

Fetish Blindfold - Black - O/S - a phenomenal accessory for your BDSM sessions. It is made of fantastic PVC and features soft, fuzzy internal adjustable eye pads. Eye circles width - 2.5 inches, total length 26.75 inches. Phthalate free. 

Product features:

Adjustable Phthalates free Materials: PVC, metal Eye circle width - 2.5 inches Total length - 26.75 inches
Black and Blue Blindfold Furry Lined O/S

 Black and Blue Blindfold Furry Lined O/S. One size fits most. Producer -  Spartacus. Material - cowhide, fake fur.

Purple Fur Lined Blindfold

Purple Fur Lined Blindfold. Material - cowhide, false fur. Maker -  Purple Fur Lined Blindfold. One size fits most. 

Blindfold - Contour Cut - Oiltan

Blindfold - Contour Cut - Oiltan will totally cover the eyes of your meek leaving murmur/her in the aggregate haziness on the grounds that the thick material it is made of does not allow light through. Your poor slave will stay unmindful unassumingly sitting tight for his/her fate.

Product features:

Weight: 1.44 Ounces Materials - leather  Color: Black Manufacturer -  Spartacus Mfg Warranty Included 
Contour Blindfold with Black Fur O/S

Turn an ordinary romantic night into an interesting and unforgettable role-playing diversion with Contour Blindfold with Black Fur O/S. You will be surprised what number sexual roles, you can attempt to breath life into the boldest sexual fantasies. Mask is made of cowhide and has black artificial fur lined. One size fits most.

Weight: 12.00 Ounces Adjustable  Materials: faux fur, leather  One Size Fits Most Mfg Warranty Included 


Black Faux Leather Cat Mask O/S

Every woman sometimes feels like a cat and wants to show all style and effortlessness in bed. On the off chance that you are among such sophisticated women, the lovely Black Faux Leather Cat Mask O/S will help you to understand all sexual fantasies. One size fits most. Note, bra is not included.

Product features: 

Weight -  1.44 Ounces Materials -  faux leather  Manufacturer -  Allure Lingerie  Color: Black One size fits most Genre: Kitty


Passion Play Kitty Kat Mask & Whip

Passion Play Kitty Kat Mask & Whip - a lavish set comprising of a mask and a whip made in a savage panther shading. The mask is made as a feline and could be settled at the back with the assistance of flexible strap. Agreeable whip with an advantageous circle on the handle will convey another experience to your sexual life making it more various. Presently you could attempt on another suggestive part of the savage wild feline. You accomplice won't have the capacity to resist! 

Product features

Faux hide panther print mask and whip set Materials: polyester (panther texture, mask, strap), EVA (mask lining), PU (whip) Mask size: 7.25 x 5.5 inches Whip size: 17 inches Color: animal print
Multiple Personality Mask - Small

White mask specially designed to differentiate your BDSM recreations and supplement any outfit. Mask completely fits the head. Excellent spandex material permits a client to inhale openly notwithstanding when eyes and mouth are completely zipped. Neck wrap can be worn over collar. 

Weight -  3.84 ounces Width -  9.00 inches Height -  16.00 inches Materials -  100% spandex  Manufacturer -  Topco Sales Color: white


Black Rose Budding Blinder

Doc Johnson Black Rose Budding Blinder - delicate and thick eyemask adorned with a black rose bud made of fake cowhide. The cover is joined to a head with the assistance of wide purple ties and has O/S measure (one size fits all). Thick texture won't allow light through, your accomplice won't have the capacity to see anything. Let all your sexual dreams come true!

Blindfold Leather with Heart Inlay Black O/S

Various kinds of masks and blindfolds are the fundamental attributes in BDSM sex games. Putting this stylish blindfold on you accomplice and denying him/her of the capacity to see, you will have the capacity to curve him/her to your will. Blindfold is made of top notch leather, which of course does not allow light through. Size - O/S (one size fits most). Mark -  Phs International. 





Leather Blindfold Black Padded

Discover your erotic potential with the most agreeable blindfold covering your eyes! You will be amazed! Made of top notch material, the Leather Blindfold Black Padded from Kinklab covers easily your touchy eyelids. One size.

Intima Silk Blindfold - Black

This basic, upscale and exceptionally lovely blindfold will give you a remarkable style and steady sentiment unconventionality amid sex. It is made of silk and has an elasticated back and silk strip ties. Such adornment will be an awesome expansion to servitude and will hone every one of the emotions amid part playing. 

Intima Silk Blindfold - Purple

Stylish and movable silk blindfold by LELO that helps couples to get a great deal of joy that dimness brings. Produced using 100% unadulterated silk with long ties. One blindfold side is designed with flawless print while the opposite side stays smooth. 

Scandal Eye Mask Black/Red

Without this rich adornment, members of a sex diversion won't have the capacity to feel the massive energy to the full. The mask is made of an astounding material and enlivened with charming unsettles. Ties are made long, which settles the adornment with the accommodation, also to utilize them to tie the hands behind head. 

Entice Eye Mask Blackout Blindfold O/S

The high quality Entice Eye Mask Blackout Blindfold O/S will make you feel comfortable amid a total blackout encounter. The mask is soft on one side with top quality fake calfskin on the other. It features nickel free alloy rivets as designer accents. Adjustable and phthalate free. Dimensions: 8.8 x 3.2 inches. Shipping weight: 8 ounces. 

Entice Blackout Eyemask O/S

Enjoy a double stitched designer mask made using phthalate free materials. Safe and unadulterated for your body, the Entice Blackout Eyemask O/S is plushy on one side with brilliant fake calfskin on the other. Polyester lining. PVC mask. Width: 3.25 Inches. Length: 8.50 Inches. One size fits most.

Blackout Blindfold - Black

The best BDSM adornment you will ever purchase! Exquisitely composed in black texture, the Blackout Blindfold gives finish murkiness, however don’t be perplexed, your darling will spare you from any peril. Material: smooth texture.  

Fur Blindfold Black

The Fur Blindfold Black offers a trim, streamlined tasteful. Appreciate exemplary black cowhide with luxurious faux fur lining. One size fits most. 

Classic Cut Blindfold With Fabric Lining Black

Mask of bona fide calfskin with delicate fabric lining will turn into an incredible expansion to your gathering of BDSM embellishments. In the event that you are an unpracticed learner, it will make the correct environment. Actualize the greater part of your sexual dreams and dive into the universe of BDSM entertainments! 

Product features

Weight - 10.40 Ounces Classic design Materials - leather  Color - black Manufacturer - Spartacus


Half Mask Feathers, Beads Black/Gold

Half Mask for Halloween or a disguise party. Mask highlights feathers on one side and strands of beads beneath in addition to two inclined eye openings. Trimmed in black sequins. One size fits most. Shading: Black, Gold.

Half Mask Feathers, Beads White O/S

Half Mask for a masquerade party. Producer - Forum Novelties. Materials - plastic, feathers. One size fits most. 

Half Mask Black Beads, Feathers

Half Mask Black Beads, Feathers. Materials - plastic, feathers. One Size Fits Most. Maker -  Forum Novelties. 

Mask Half Black with Stones O/S

Mask Half Black with Stones O/S is impeccable to use amid the role-playing games. It also can be used as a festival accessory. One size fits most. 

Product details:

Materials -  plastic  Color -  black Universal size (OS)  Manufacturer -  Forum Novelties
Venetian Mask Black/Silver O/S

Luxurious bind mask is an indispensable accessory for passionate sex games. Made of trim and decorated with black sequins, bind ribbons, and a false black rose. One size fits most. What role are you going to attempt on today?

Product features:

Materials: lace  Color: black, silver One Size Fits Most Manufacturer: Forum Novelties



Masquerade Mask Twin Pack

Make your look finish with the assistance of incredibly delightful masks from the Fifty Shades of Gray the Official Pleasure Collection. Made of brilliant ABS plastic, these two masks of various hues will add some curiosity and flavor to your cozy amusements. Masks estimate -  O/S (one size fits all). 

Entice Mystique Mask Black O/S

Entice Mystique Mask Black O/S. High quality, sturdy, lightweight designer mask. Width -  2.50 Inches. Length -  7.00 Inches. 

Entice Mystique Mask Rose Gold O/S

Entice Mystique Mask Rose Gold O/S. High quality, sturdy, lightweight designer mask decorated with crystal. ​Width: 2.50 Inches. ​Length: 7.00 Inches



Princess Masquerade Mask Gold

Princess Masquerade Mask Gold. Weight - 10.24 Ounces. One Size Fits All. Mark -  Shots Toys.

Princess Masquerade Mask Silver

Fabulous Princess Masquerade Mask Silver will supplement any night look. One size fits most. Weight -  0.64 Ounces. Material -  Metal. ​Color -  Silver. Brand -  Shots Toys.

Venetian Half Mask Black/Red

Sophisticated Venetian Half Mask Black/Red will supplement any Halloween or a disguise party look. Be constantly jazzy! One size fits most. 

Product features:

Original design Weight -  1.30 lbs Materials - feather  Manufacturer -  Forum Novelties
Goods 1 - 32 on 32
goods per page

Sensual blindfolds and kinky masks for your pleasure

Blindfolds and masks are a classic BDSM attribute. Designing specifically for sensory deprivation, they prevent your partner from seeing what’s in store for them and this anticipation makes every sensation even more stimulating, bringing them to the edge of orgasm. Also, blindfolds look damn good on subs, highlighting the sex toy theme in the most alluring way!

Blindfolds and masks of any femdom play

The blindfolds are made in a very large variety nowadays, to fit any kinky taste. We took care of all naughty lovers and made sure that our assortment provides you with anything you desire. In this section you will find:

  • Blindfolds

Stylish eye covers for your submissive partners, made of soft fabric or smooth leather. Work as good as they look. Perfect for the doms and subs who love to add a hint of romance to their games.

  • BDSM hoods

Classy BDSM masks that effectively cover the entire face of your sub, effectively blindfolding them. The looks and functionality of bondage hoods made them a bomb among all doms and subs. You won’t find a BDSM lover who doesn’t have such a mask in their bondage inventory.

  • Gimp masks

Usually a part of a gimp suit. What is a gimp suit? It’s the nickname for the bondage suit (thank you, Quentin Tarantino), that covers the body of your sub entirely, except for the genital and breast areas that can be accessed by unzipping the teasing zippers on the suit. Usually made of latex, gimp masks are a huge hit among BDSM fans. You can see animal themed gimp masks (like dog and cat gimp masks), modified gimp masks (now with ball gags!) and many other gimp mask types in the catalogue.

  • Leather masks

A leather S&M mask is another traditional accessory for BDSM and femdom games that will never grow old. Favored for their smooth and soft texture, leather masks are made in all styles and designs possible, decorated by metal rivets and zippers. Pick your own type of leathery goodness for your sub on our website!

All masks and blindfolds are made of hypoallergenic materials by reliable sex toy brands who know how to make their buyers satisfied and keep them safe and healthy. Nothing will distract you and your sub from your play!