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Ben Wa Balls & Kegel Exercisers

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Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Ben Wa Balls

Want to reproduce that hot scene with Ben Wa balls from "Fifty Shades of Grey" novel? Presently you can! The official Fifty Shades of Gray Pleasure Collection, supported by the novel writer herself, is glad to present you the  Inner Goddess Ben Wa Balls that look and work simply like it was depicted in the books. Made of strong, clean metal with silver sparkle and bolstered by solid and flexible silicone string, these balls are extraordinary both for beginners and propelled clients. Substantial, smooth and fortifying, they will furnish you with hours of delight consolidated with muscle training! 

Product features: 

Made of fine metal; Solid and overwhelming (weight  –  221 g,  circumference – 4 inches, length – 8.5 inches) Elastic thread;  Allow G-spot stimulation;  Waterproof; Phthalate free;  Latex free;  Large metal circle for recovery is included; Non-allergenic; Body safe; 


Goods 1 - 100 on 203
goods per page

Ben Wa Balls and Kegel Exercisers

Intimate health is an essential part of happy and bright sex life. While you take care of yourself by using lubes and protection, there is another, to improve the health of intimate muscles and improve muscle control. And, with a proper choice of tools, healthy becomes pleasant, enjoyable and even…orgasmic! Explore the secrets of your body with ball-themed toys!

Ben Wa Balls

Invented by the love gurus of Feudal Japan, these pleasure balls have successfully made it to our times due to the amazing satisfaction they can deliver to women. Nowadays these balls are made of bacteria resistant materials like plastic, glass and metal. Usually hollow, they have smaller metal beads inside that weigh them down for better control and sensations.

 Women usually stimulate and tease their hot spots and muscles by inserting the balls into the vagina. Nevertheless, the toy is not exclusive to women only – it is perfect for male foreplay as well, because smooth hard balls are perfect for anal stimulation. invites everyone to try this enticing pleasuring tool in its large varieties: our assortment offers models from silicone, metal, PVC as well as ultramodern, remote controlled vibrating balls.

Kegel balls

This is a yet another intimate muscles control training tool for women that is often prescribed to ladies who want to restore their muscle tone after giving birth. Probably, no medicine has ever felt do good! The smooth surface of the balls slides nicely against the sensitive walls of the vagina, inducing electrifying sensations, while improving the muscle control. Such trainings makes sex more sensual, delivering pleasure to both lovers. No wonder that this toy soon became so popular among couples!

Mix pleasant and healthy with our wide selection of these ball exercisers. Pick from most traditional and the most innovative designs and devote hot, steamy nights to exploration of your body – either solo or with your partner!