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Beauty products

The natural way to ignite your sexual appearance

With Femdom beauty & body products, nothing stands between you and the most fantastic night or day in your sex life. Make your intimate relationships even more exciting with one of our natural bath salts and body moisturizers, created specifically to induce a feeling of complete relaxation. To enhance experience with your special one or alone, you can use a wide variety of sensual bath salts or pheromone oils created for both men and women.

In our shop, you’ll find everything you need for frisky foreplay or lovemaking practice from shaving gels and balms with different scents to nipple arousal creams. Try Femdom bath and body products, such as massage oils and arousal gels, to increase sexual desire, improve sensitivity to every erogenous zone of yours or your partner.

Top names in erotic products

We offer a great selection of top brands including:

  • Classic Erotica
  • Holiday Products
  • LoveHoney
  • Kingman Industries Inc.
  • Golden Triangle
  • Sensuva
  • Shunga and many more.

Our beauty products mostly contain Vitamins A, E, and infuse provocative mix of aphrodisiacs and pheromones. They are completely safe for your body, paraben and sulfate free. Specially formulated creams, lotions, and moisturizers prevent irritation and soften your delicate skin.

Make every touch to your skin unforgettable. Make every tremulous kiss full of violent passion. Flavored gels and lotions are perfectly suited for both tender lovers and BDSM fans and make your sex life full of fun and pleasure.