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American Bombshell Blockbuster Probe

It's time to drop the bombshell! This extensive, ribbed butt-centric probe will leave your tame extended and empowered minus all potential limitations, driving them to their edge inside minutes. Its 11 creeps of insertable lenghth and 3.8 crawls of width will fulfill even the neediest and sluttiest sub. With American Bombshell Blockbuster Probe you can pull out all the stops on your tame and do it securely: with phtalate free excellent PVC and unique Sil-A-Gel covering, the toy is ok for use! 

Product features:

Ribbed, wide tip for better stimulation; Durable, strong smooth shaft;  Easy-to-use; Compatible with Vac-U-Lock; 
Silhouette S5 Red Probe

A delightful advancement from California Exotic Novelties, Silhouette S5 Red Probe is a rich and successful expansion to your unusual sessions. Because of its silky smooth surface and tapered shape, this blood red butt connect will slide to in a split second and remain there for the whole span of your recess. The adaptable vibration mode introduced in this butt plug makes it an immaculate dominatrix apparatus you have five vibrating modes to tempt your slave with! Toy with the catches on the base of the fitting, to make your sumbissive frantic, look over delicate, prodding throbs to exceptional empowering knead. The waterproof element of Silhouette S5 Red Probe permits you to appreciate prodding your easygoing in bathroom! 

The toy is made of medicinal review silicone, perfect with the human body. It doesn't contain phthalates or some other dangerous components and can be effortlessly revived with the assistance of the USB line. Its size permits you to bring it with you in the event that you choose to travel with your accomplice, while the security travel bolt saves you the embarassment of dealing with your toy all of a sudden turning itself on in general society place. 


Product features:

Speed control; Five vibration modes (throb, escalation); Security bolt for travels; 1 year warranty; Waterproof; Phthalate free Non-allergic No batteries required (USB string, included); Long running time (50 minutes at the most elevated speed, 3.5 hours at the least speed) 
Silhouette S5 Pink Probe

For girsl who just wanna have a fabulous time with butt-centric play, California Exotic Novelties is glad to present this 4 pink crawls of unadulterated joy. This creative butt attachment is made of clinically tried great silicone with smooth texture.

The plan of the attachment permits you to easily embed it and haul it out. Be that as it may, in the event that you are wanting to utilize it on your resigned, you know they won't be taking it out without your consent. In addition, you will be the one to put the toy in, in light of the fact that your easygoing will be excessively tied up, making it impossible to do it without anyone's help. Just don't neglect to actuate the vibration mode before you continue. Switch amongst heightening and mode throb to see your sub curve and writhe from the single tap of your fingers. Tired of taking your unusual amusing to the room? Perhaps it's time to make utilization of that big shower or have some hot femdom sex while scrubbing down? The Silhouette S5 Pink Probe has got you secured: it is totally waterproof! 

Another helpful element of this butt fitting is that it doesn't require any batteries. All it needs is a USB line, which is incorporated into your request, and 2.5 to return to work. In the event that you need to bring it with you out and about, the security travel bolt highlight will keep the butt connect from haphazardly enacting to your purse. 

The Silhouette S5 Pink Probe is joy, reasonableness and attractiveness combined! 

Product highlights:  

Speed control; Five vibration modes (throb, escalation); Security bolt for travels; 1 year warranty; Waterproof; Phthalate free Non-allergic No batteries required (USB string, included);
Silhouette S5 Purple Probe

Sturdy and strong, the Silhouette S5 Purple Probe is your new stimulation. In the event that you imagine that you have attempted each part of the ass play with your easygoing, this slick purple thing will astonish you with its methods of acceleration, vibration and throb (five astounding modes!). Embed this decreased toy into your sub subsequent to tying their hands, press only one catch and appreciate the show! The Silhouette S5 Purple Probe is your key to hot, hot recreations with your faithful pet. 

Product highlights:  

Boasts five vibration modes (counting heightening and pulsation); Equipped with security bolt for travels; Has 1 year warranty; Made of unscented, waterproof, therapeutic review silcone;  Can be charged by means of (USB string, included);
Colt Rotating Beaded Probe

This toy was made for wild butt-centric amusements! Its phallic shape, two arrangements of metal rotating dabs is all that could possibly be needed for driving your meek into an enthusiastic free for all, yet COLT Rotating Beaded Probe doesn't stop just there, offering you to prod your sub assist with the assistance of two speed modes that can be exchanged by means of unique control board on the handle. This probe will turn into your widespread gadget for giving our prizes and disciplines for your penniless sub!

Product features:

Rotating substantial metal dabs that don't get stuck (2 sets) 2 speed modes Control board with catches and LED indicator Batteries essential for work: 3 AA type (not included)
Colt Hulk Black Vibrating Probe

If your accommodating considers butt-centric play, COLT Hulk Black Vibrating Probe will help you to demonstrate them off-base! This superb silicone device for restraining your docile is conveyed to you by kindness of California Exotic Novelties, one  the most prestigious sex toy making brand from the USA. Along these lines, you can be guaranteed of its security for your partner's body and smooth execution. Pause for a moment to wonder about this cunningly composed toy, improved with ABS plastic and silver. Simple to utilize and waterproof, it was intended for some hot and hot BDSM loving! 

Product features:

Vibration, acceleration and throb modes (10 functions!); 4 speeds for each function; Control panel; Easy hold handle; Made of body safe medicinal review silicone;  Perfect shape and plan for sliding in an out; 4 AAA batteries required for work are not included; 


Colt Mega Black Vibrating Probe

Anal probe made of excellent restorative review silicone, furnished with a simple to hold deal with. Ok for body, paraben free. Ensures extraordinary prostate back rub and butt-centric incitement. Has catches made of amazing ABS silver-plated plastic. 

Product features: 

10 extraordinary heightening, throb, vibration functions; 4 speeds adjusted for each function; Easy-to-utilize controller on the handle;  Waterproof; Phthalate free material; Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included);
COLT Easy Flex Glider Black

COLT Easy Flex Glider Black Flexing Silicone is the butt-centric toy that will move with you. This multifunctional gadget has an impeccable plan for super arousing and extraordinary butt-centric incitement that will end in touchy, amazing climax. The controller unit makes it an immaculate gadget for tormenting your docile with, making climax dissent play much more delicious! 

Product features: 

Vibraton, heightening and throb capacities (10 in general!);  Powerful suction cup; Made from non-poisonous, restorative review silicone;  Includes easy-to-work controller;  Needs 2 AAA batteries (not included);  Compatible with water-based oils (not silicone-based or oil-based lubricants!); 
Colt Flexer Black Vibrator

COLT Flexer is a black butt-centric vibrator made by California Exotic Novelties. Its bendable, adaptable tip gives you extensive variety of positions, while various capacities and rates of serious vibration, heightening and throb offer outrageous delight for you and your partner! 

Product features: 

Tapered shape;  Impressive size; Phtalate free; Made of therapeutic review silicone; Fine surface for noteworthy stimulation; 10 sorts of throb, acceleration and vibration; 4 speeds for each type;  Waterproof; High quality ABS components with silver plating;  3 AAA batteries required (not included); LED light on usable control panel;



Colt Ramrod Red Vibrator

Red and alluring, COLT Ramrod Red Vibrator is desinged for your pleasure and amusement with the assistance of multispeed vibration and greatly adaptable tip that can twist toward any path! Utilize the simple control board on the handle of this stunning butt-centric vibrator to drive yourself or your docile accomplice frantic with desire. 

Product features: 

Flexible tip;  Special surface for extra stimulation; Made of restorative review silicone; Easy-to-utilize control panel; Phthalate free;  Decorated with metallic plating; Waterproof; 10 capacities (acceleration, vibration, pulsation); 
Goose Probe Large Suction Cup Flesh

A premium quality result of Si Novelties, Goose Probe Large Suction Cup Flesh will demonstrate to you what the genuine butt-centric play is! The decreased state of the smooth tip gives you the wide range of sensations, none of them upsetting. Non-permeable structure give assurance from microbes and simple maintaineance. The adaptability and security of this large butt-centric probe (18 x 3.13 inches) will open a whole universe of new sensations to you and your tame partner. 

Product features: 

Suction cup for more adaptable use;  Mad of top quality PVC; Bendable; Non-allergenic; Smooth surface for wonderful and simple entering;  Phthalate free; Odorless;  Easy to wash;  
Goods 1 - 11 on 11
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Best tools for femdom anal play

You love your sub. But in the bedroom you wish to show that their ass belongs to you. A couple of anal toys may come in handy even if you love to fist and finger them yourself. Why? Because you both crave new sensations which sex toy producers are glad to provide. Why miss your chance? Punish or reward your sweet submissive partner with a new kind of anal play and leave them longing for release! The fine selection of anal stimulators at will help you with that.

Male anal stimulators

There is no better way to be on top than to peg your submissive man. Whether you going to this hard or go soft it’s up to you. We only aim to provide you with the latest well-made anal toys for your planned fun times.

If your man is not used to anal sex, introduce him gently and pick toys for beginners. We offer moderate sized anal probes, vibrators, dildos and finger vibes to help you prepare your male sub for more frisky and hot sessions. With fine quality anal toys, providing incredible prostate stimulation it won’t be long before he will be craving for more, ready to take every inch in!

Anal stimulators for intense and passionate submissive training

Want to turn your submissive into a panting, sexed-up mess? You can and in more ways than one with all these wonderful toys for anal play at hand. Combine your anal sexy times with bondage and assert your ownership of your sub’s butt with the help of

  • Anal vibrators for deliciously vibrating anal play
  • Realistic and curiously shaped anal dildos

Use this goodness to reward your partner for being a good little sub or as a torment for their naughtiness. The more anal stimulators you have the more fun ways of teasing your slave you can think of. Choose your toy, grab your lube, your sub and enjoy your steamy kinky sex!

Note, that enemas, douches and other tools for preparing for anal sex are available at our kinky online shop together with anal lubes!