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Anal Lubricants

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Anal lubricants for a special kind of pleasure

Anal lube is a special kind of lubricant for anal penetration, which helps to relax anal muscles and reduces pain so that the anal sex becomes safe and pleasant. It is one of the basic elements without which anal sex is simply impossible – unpleasant and painful friction, micro-fissures of skin and absence of pleasure. In contrast to specially formulated lubes for anal sex saliva or any other improvised means (creams, oil,vaseline, etc. ) will not help in this case!

Anal fun – spice up your sex life!

There is no doubt that anal sex is a great opportunity to diversify your sex life. But if you want to remember it as one of the most amazing things in your life and not to turn it into a total disappointment, you need to follow certain rules. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not created to be a sex organ and it is not capable of producing its own lubrication, which makes penetration almost impossible.

Just imagine that instead of gentle, delivering true pleasure sliding frictions you would feel a sharp pain. It will completely discourage you from having anal sex in the future and make your sex life boring and bleak. To avoid this, choose an appropriate lubricant facilitating the process of penetration in advance and try to get an individual lube for anal and vaginal sex. Remember that anal stimulation, including intercourse, is not painful if done properly!

How to choose the best lubricant for anal sex?

In addition to their direct purpose, anal sex lubricants may additionally have healing and anesthetic properties, which greatly facilitates the process, especially when everything is happening for the first time. Moreover, you may experience unusual sensations with the newest lubes having a warming or cooling effect! And do not forget to buy an anal lubricant to use with any anal sex toy to make the usage comfortable and safe.