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Fetish clothing accessories – be ready for a head-turning fun!

You have already tried various adult toys and devices and bought heaps of sexy costumes, but something important is still lacking! You have probably missed one small thing to make your erotic image complete and feel totally satisfied. So what is it, the thing? – Stop racking your brains! It is the right time to pay your attention to a huge range of different fetish accessories presented at our online store. These are various kinds of jewelry, pasties and liquid latex with the help of which you will be able to complete any image you choose and add something new and unusual to your intimate relationships.

Intimate jewelry. Would you like to discover new dimensions of sensual pleasure? Jewelry for intimate areas such as clitoris and nipples will emphasize your unique beauty and draw attention to the exciting curves of your body. Its exquisite design, developed by the best world's manufacturers, is worth attention of even the most fastidious admirers of the female’s beauty.

Liquid latex – original mean to create your own unusual image. With its help, you can try the role of a fashion designer and create stunning gloves, masks, tops, dresses, and generally, you could imagine. There are no limits to your own creativity!

Pasties are special patches to cover a person's nipples, that are created from special hypoallergenic materials, so they are completely safe for your health, do not cause any adverse reactions, have no smell and can be used for a long time (high-quality models can be used up to hundred times). By the way, these small nipples accessories can be used not only during sex games. They are wildly used by women who dislike wearing a bra but do not want to have their nipples sticking out from the clothes.