Silencer Inflatable Locking Penis Gag

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The Silencer Inflatable Locking Penis Gag is a cunning device for shutting your slave up and seeing them put their mouth to good use. Made of harmless, non-toxic materials: medical grade silicone, leather and metal. Can be adjusted to 16 and 21 inches circumference. The inflated gag is 2.5 inches in length. 


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If you don't need your sub to talk yet need his or her mouth to be occupied, quite recently put this dildo-molded gag into their mouth and secure the straps. Put a bolt and put the key away and after that snatch the weight globule to ensure there won't be sufficient space in their mouth for words! The Silencer Inflatable Locking Penis Gag is a compelling and unbelievably hot approach to quiet your resigned partner!  

Product features: 

  • Made of medicinal review silicone;
  • Has no taste;
  • Has no odor;
  • Phthalate free;
  • Easily changed in accordance with any size through calfskin straps;
  • Buckle good with any sort of basic lock;
  • Very simple to blow up and deflate;


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Brand: XR Brands
Material: Silicone
Color: Black
Width: 2
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