Pjur Aqua 250ml

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Pjur Aqua Lubricant is a non-allergenic, waterbased lubricant for better penetration and pleasant, painless friction. Doesn't contain any parabenes, only natural, safe ingridients. Size – 8.5 Oz.

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Pjur Aqua Lubricant is an inconspicuous and required component of your fun time. Each time you plan to play with entrance or test your new toys on yourself or your accommodating, don't neglect to set them up for this experience. Pjur Aqua Lubricant doesn't have any aroma, is completely straightforward and won't leave recolors on sheets or attire. Can be utilized with condoms and other latex items. 

Product features:

  • Natural elements;
  • Clear color;
  • Paraben free;
  • Easy-to-clean;
  • Easy-to-use;

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Brand: Pjur
Fluid Ounces: 8.5
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