Ultimate Fantasy Duffle Bag Black

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The Ultimate Fantasy Duffle Bag Black includes love mask, vibrating sex ball, inflator pump, hand cuffs, bondage belt, inflatable position master, flapper paddle, wax candles, and more!

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You can without much of a stretch express your most profound fixation dreams with the Ultimate Fantasy Duffle Bag Black. This extraordinary pack can offer an endless differing qualities of pretends to take your sexual coexistence to a very new level!  Enjoy the greatest fixation gathering on the planet as we attempted to consider everything! The Ultimate Fantasy Duffle Bag incorporates: Love Mask, Vibrating Sex Ball, Inflator Pump, Door Jam Cuffs Hand Cuffs, Bondage Belt, Tether Set, Inflatable Position Master, Flapper Paddle, Bondage Tape, Rope Cuff, Cat O Nine Tails, Hot Wax Candles, and more!

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Brand: Pipedream Products
Material: Faux Leather, Satin, Polyester
Color: Black, Assorted
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