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The original Feeldoe® Realdoe® Strap-On. Diameter: 1.5 inches, bulb length: 3.5 inches, shaft length: 6.5 inches. Made of medical silicone, has smooth realistic texture. Batteries are included. 

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Designed to make you feel genuine great, the Realgood Feeldoe vibrating strapless strap-on is your essential apparatus for pegging and entering your accomplice while making the most of your own share of delight. The toy has no straps, yet outfitted with a tough globule that will fit cozily within you, while you grip the strap-on with your thighs, prepared to enter your accomplice and make them shout! To make things considerably more tasty, this model has a vibrating model introduced. Presently your accomplice won't be the just a single having some good times. Vibrating Realgood Feeldoe furnishes you with even more kinky and fun methods for toying with your partner!

Made from unrivaled quality silicone (Class VI Pharmacopeia Grade Silicone to be exact), the toy promises you safe utilize and zero dangers for your cozy wellbeing. The material is 100% clean and non-lethal, contains no phtalates or whatever other risky added substances. It doesn't even have any engineered smell! While utilizing this toy, the main thing you and your accomplice will experience is the total, awe-inspiring pleasure. 

To deal with the toy, expel the battery and simply wash it in the dishwasher or utilize bubbling water to clean it. Flushing the toy with a sanitizer arrangement (10%) for 5 minutes is additionally an option. 

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Brand: Tantus Inc
Material: Silicone
Color: Beige
Length: 6.5
Width: 1.5
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