Zeus Uni Polar Silicone Erection Rings

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Zeus Uni Polar Electrosex Cock Rings. Conductive silicone makes these unipolar cockerel rings an energizing expansion to any electro tool stash. Just place the rings over your bar and associate them to your Zeus Powerbox. Sold independently. Once the rings are on and snared, select your power level. A tempting current will spill out of the rings to the skin, energizing the nerves en route! This set incorporates one 1.5 inch silicone ring, one 1.9 inch silicone ring, and one lead wire. Perfect with all Zeus Powerboxes and handheld frameworks, sold independently. The silicone material is non-permeable, sensitivity safe, and simple to clean. Estimations: little ring 1.5 crawls in measurement. Extensive ring 1.9 crawls in breadth. Material Silicone. Shading Blue.

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