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Fifty Shades Of Grey Insatiable Desire Mini G-Spot Vibrator

Insatiable Desire Mini Silicone G-Spot Vibrator is a G-spot vibrator from the вибратор Fifty Shades Of Gray sex toy line in view of the renowned sexual trilogy of a similar name. Helpful and agreeable, the vibrator is secured with soft silicone and bended extraordinarily for G-spot and clitoris incitement. This waterproof significant other will satisfy you in your room, in the shower or shower. Feel all shades of gray with the Insatiable Desire Mini Silicone G-Spot Vibrator!

Product features: 

Medical grade silicone cover;  G-spot and clitoris stimulation;  Curved shape;  Waterproof; Intense stimulation;  Battery (1AA) is not included;


Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle

Use soft glossy silk side to treat your sub with delicate slaps or rebuff them truly hard with the fake calfskin side! With Fifty Shades of Gray Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle you turn into the creator of your own Fifty Shades of Gray situation! The handle and wrist circle furnish you with a firm hold, permitting you to control the force of your punishment. 

Product features: 

Made of amazing artificial calfskin and satin;  Convenient handle; Wrist loop;  Non-allergenic;  Satin capacity pack is included; 
Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger

This rich flogger was made for bringing delight and torment. Tough handle and 48 tails  made of fine false cowhide furnish you with enough control and capacity to make your accomplice wheeze, groan and shout. Conveyed to you by sensual toy line in view of the Fifty Shades of Gray books, the Fifty Shades of Gray Please Sir is a delight for perusers and all BDSM lovers!

Product features:

Made of brilliant fake leather; Phthalate free; Non-allergenic; Easy-to-use; Features wrist loop; Satin capacity back is included; 


Fifty Shades Of Grey We Aim To Please Vibrating Bullet

Slender, smooth state of the Fifty Shades of Gray We Aim to Please Vibrating Bullet makes you long for every one of those wet dreams you need to make a reality. This exquisite silver toy made of smooth ABS plastic will help you submerge into your sexual joy. It doesn't matter, regardless of whether you have an accomplice during the current night or have a fabulous time. By pushing a solitary button, you can encounter the steady vibration and have the brightest orgasms.    

Product features:

One button to control the extreme vibrations;  Waterproof; Small shape;  Made of ABS plastic; Phthalate free;  Satin storage pack is included; 
Fifty Shades We Aim To Please Bullet Original Vibrator

Build your body to a blast with the extreme vibrations of Fifty Shades We Aim To Please Bullet Original Vibrator. Utilize this minimized bullet-sort vibe for foreplay and amid sex, for solo play and fun times with accomplice! You can play with it anyplace – because of its waterproof qualities, it can be scrubbed down or shower. 

Product features:

Travel-accommodating shape; Easy-to-utilize interface (just a single button); Waterproof; Made of top notch ABS plastic;  Satin storage sack with a drawstring is included; 
Fifty Shades Twitchy Palm Original Spanking Paddle

Mix delicate and hard with this remarkable two-sided Fifty Shades of Gray Twitchy Palm Paddle. Ergonomic outline, false calfskin and satisfying sides, the blend of velvety and weathered stinging torment will permit you to entice your sub in a totally new way! 

Product features: 

Two sided; One side is secured with false leather; Other side is secured with delicate satin;  Handle intended for comofrtable grip; Wrist circle keeps from slipping;  Non-allergenic;  Satin capacity sack is included; 
Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Sting Riding Crop

Fifty Shades of Gray Sweet Sting Riding Crop for harsh and difficult sex in BDSM style. Zest up your cozy diversions with the assistance of a modern toy from official accumulation of "50 shades of Grey!" Sweet Sting Riding Crop is made in dark shading with a silver calfskin tip. Whip for itself has an exemplary plan with a handle adorned with cowhide. Presently every one of your desires will come true!

Product features: 

Braided stem; Comfortable calfskin handle;  Phthalate free;  Wrist strap;






Fifty Shades Sweet Sting Original Riding Crop

Like to utilize some whip-and-carrot procedure with your compliant accomplice? Indeed, here is a whip for you! This Fifty Shades of Gray Collection Sweet Sting Riding Crop will help you ride your meek accomplice hard simply like they merit it! Agreeable handle will make your grasp firm and consistent, while the unusual outline will help you discharge your hot fantasy! 

Product features: 

Made of fine leather;  Comfortable elastic covered handle;  Phthalate free;  Wrist circle for better grip;
Fifty Shades of Grey Tease Feather Tickler

Mount your sub's excitement under shrewd strokes of the Fifty Shades of Gray Tease Feather Tickler. Keep your significant other exposed and bound and let them tremble as you slide the Fifty Shades of Gray Tease Feather Tickler over their body. This is the ideal toy for a foreplay that will leave your docile asking to be taken. 

Product features: 

Non-allergenic;  Soft; Easy-to-use;  Slender handle (length – 15 inches); 
Feel It Baby Vibrating Ring

Can you feel it, baby?

Stretchy, smooth, vibrating...The Fifty Shades of Gray Feel it Baby! Vibrating Cock Ring brings delight to him and her in the most erotic way. Utilize it for foreplay, utilize it for sex, utilize it for clitoral incitement or back rub. This toy was made for orgasmic goodness. 

Product features: 

Made of premium review silicone; Non-allergenic;  Phthalate free;  Stretchy; Easy fit; Strong, single speed vibration;  Bullet vibrator can be removed; 
Pure Pleasure USB Vibrating Bullet Silver

A some portion of Fifty Shades of Gray Pure Pleasure Collection, this vibrating bullet will present to you the brightest climaxes. 12 examples of vibration will permit you to invigorate all your problem areas seriously and achieve peak in unimportant seconds. The submersible outline of the bullet permits you to have a great time while getting a charge out of a hot tub. Experiment with all your most loved scenes from the unusual Fifty Shades of Gray novel with this stunning toy! 

Product features:

3 speeds; 9 patterns; USB rechargeable; Smooth surface; Perfect for clitoral stimulation; Waterproof;  
Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Touch Mini Clitoral Vibrator

Lose all feeling of self with the Fifty Shades of Gray Sweet Touch Mini Clitoral Vibrator lighting fire at the peak of your thighs! This silicone vibrator of novel plan has 10 exceptional vibrating modes and head, formed for profound clitoris incitement and G-spot stimulation.

It will make you give in with each iota of your being to the capable climax in simple seconds!

Product features: 

10 methods of vibration; Made of fantastic silicone; Non-toxic; Phthalate free; Nub on the set out toward pinpoint massage; Waterproof; Versatile; Comes together with capacity bag; Batteries (1 AAA battery) is not included; 
Deep Within Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator

With this Fifty Shades of Gray Deep Within Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator, you will open up a universe of awesome delight. Curvy incitement of the most arousing spots will win your brain and body. The vibrator is outfitted with a rechargeable battery that can work up to 100 minutes on the one charge.Features 3 paces and 4 examples of effective vibration. Perfect decision for couples and for solo plays. Length – 8.7, width – 1.1 inches.

Product features:

USB rechargeable Waterproof 3 rates and 4 examples of vibration Made of brilliant silicone  Charge for 120 minutes for 100 minutes of power Sophisticated capacity pack of glossy silk is included

Fifty Shades of Grey Delicious Pleasure Silicone Ben Wa Balls

Designed to duplicate the Ben Wa balls from the incredible Fifty Shades of Gray book arrangement, these balls were delivered by the LoveHoney inside their official Fifty Shades of Gray Collection, made as a team with E.L. James, the creator of the books. Superb ABS, smooth silicone covering, versatile and tough line, simple utilize and massive pleasure – this is your ideal instrument for hot evenings!  

Product features:

Covered with therapeutic review silicone; Smooth and simple to-insert; Phthalate free; Ben Wa Balls measure: length –  6.75 inches, insertable length – 4.5 inches, weight – 32 g; Latex free; Perfect imitation of the balls from the novel; Compatible with water-based greases only; Storage pack is included;  Silicone sleeves can be evacuated for cleaning;

Tighten & Tense Silicone Jiggle Balls

These stunning Kegel balls from the Fifty Shades of Gray brand accumulation will help you prepare your private muscles and find the new sorts of fulfillment that you have never experienced before.

Made of fine ABS plastic and secured by smooth silicone it is totally alright for your close parts. The material doesn’t cause aggravation and is totally odorless.

Product features:

Elastic silicone covering Easy to slide in; Easy to extract; Phthalate free; Good for health; Odorless;  
Fifty Shades Silicone Ben Wa Balls Original

Ben Wa balls that duplicate the toy specified in the Fifty Shades of Gray novel, these balls are made of excellent ABS plastic and secured with  smooth silicone sleeves. Waterproof, simple to utilize, ideal for foreplays and part plays – Fifty Shades Silicone Ben Wa Balls Original give you genuine Fifty Shades of Gray involvement! Perfect stockpiling sack is included!

Product features:

Balls made of body safe ABS plastic; Removable sleeves made of premium review silicone; Smooth; Phthalate free; Length –  6.75 inches, insertable length – 4.75 inches, weight – 32 g; Latex free; Use with water-based greases only; Storage pack is included; 
Beyond Aroused Kegel Balls Set

The great old Kegel framework with current qualities is an astonishing expansion to foreplay, sex play or solo fun! An extraordinary preparing for female personal muscles and extreme joy carrier, the Beyond Aroused Kegel System is a set of balls of various weight (counting 10, 20, 30 and 50 grams) that permit you to toy with six distinctive sex blends while getting a charge out of the sentiment plush silicone balls floating against your private parts. 

Product features: 

Good for beginners;  Great for experienced users;  High quality silicone coating;  Easy to use;  Easy to clean;  Sating pack for capacity included;  6 weight combinations!
Secret Weapon Vibrating Love Ring Black

The Fifty Shades of Gray Weekend Collection Secret Weapon Vibrating Love Ring is a silicone cockring that tenderly surrounds your male tame partner's cockerel, keeping it erect for any longer. It seriously vibrates against your clitoris and your partner's balls, making you both frantic with tasty sensations. The ring is 100% waterproof: don't hesitate to find new breaking points of joy in the hot tub or shower.   

Product features: 

Made of restorative grade silicone;  Stimulates balls and clitoris;  Textured side for more erotic stimulation;  Latex free; Travel-accommodating size;  Phthalate free;  Strong vibrating slug included;  Vibrating slug can be utilized separately;  Waterpfoof;  Satin capacity sack is included;  Batteries are included; 
A Perfect O Silicone Love Ring Gray

The Fifty Shades of Gray Weekend Collection A Perfect O Silicone Love Ring Gray for better and longer erection. Utilize it again and again to convey and bring pleasure. The Silicone Fifty Shades of Gray Love Ring fits to any size and doesn't cause harm. Healthy and non-allergenic, it will allow you and your partner have a reqlly good time. 

Product features: 

Made of medical grade silicone;  Balls and clitoris stimulation;  Stretchy;  Batteries are included;  Phthalare free;  Waterpfoof;  Latex free;  Strong vibration; 
Fifty Shades Trilogy Paperback Box Set

The accomplishment of the trilogy "Fifty shades of Grey" is genuinely incredible! More than 125 million duplicates of the book were sold and they have been converted into 52 dialects. History of Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray has touched the hearts of perusers through the world. Lyss Stern the organizer of figures that this trilogy can reignite the enthusiasm amongst a couple. Subsequent to understanding it, you will again feel provocative! What's more, now this astonishing story is accessible in a solitary volume, which incorporates the accompanying books: “Fifty Shades of Grey”, “Fifty Shades Darker” and “Fifty Shades Freed”. 

Product features:

Weight - 2.64 lbs Manufacturer - Random House For develop perusers only Book classes - fiction, erotica Author -  E. L. James




Heavenly Massage Bullet Vibrator Black

Treat yourself with a heavenly message. The solid vibration of this minimal and smooth bullet vibrator will develop a fire of excitement inside your body. Made of smooth ABS plastic, the Heavenly Massage Bullet Vibrator Black is the ideal toy for couples and for the individuals who incline toward some performance delight. Bear it in your purse – the size permits it! Take it  with you to the hot tub – the submersible outline of the bullet vibrator permits it! 

Experience heavenly sensations with the Heavenly Massage Bullet Vibrator Black. 

Product features: 

Travel-accommodating size;  Powerful vibration; Single speed; Waterproof; Perfect for foreplay and sexplay;  Batteries (AG3) are included; 
Fifty Shades of Grey Beginners Bondage Kit

Create your own special mystery and charming den with this unique Fifty Shades of Gray Beginners Bondage Kit. Give your accomplice a chance to express the sentiments of the sexual Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray. 4 bondage limitations, a hitting paddle and a blindfold let you investigate the most daring dreams. Envision yourself in the best suggestive motion picture on the planet. “Pleasure, agony, remunerate and punishment” – you will get everything in one.  

Your sight is taken by the sensitive glossy silk eyemask. Every one of your emotions will be increased in this agreeable dimness. Two lengths of flexible to abstain from looking, and you totally toss yourself on your lover’s benevolence.  Your foresight develops. You will be upbeat to get a reward! Silk bondage restrictions hold you hostage in reckoning of fascinating pretend.  Adjustable ties go through twofold D-rings wrapping around your lower legs and hands with a grip that doesn't slip.   

The next edge: the smooth stroke of the cowhide hitting paddle whip floats over your substance. Sumptuously padded surface hits your skin with a delicate pound. Your body stirs with a stream of vitality that is nearly interlaced with your profound internal sentiments. In any case, you will unquestionably hurt for more…

Lavishly displayed set incorporates the accompanying products:

4 simple tie bondage restrictions (dark and silver silk), 52.5 creeps in length; No Peeking dark glossy silk blindfold; Twitchy Palm hitting paddle; Gift box with velvety stockpiling pocket.  
Fifty Shades Ben Wa, Vibrating Bullet & Cuff Kit

The best sexual presents for enthusiasts of the set of three! Fifty Shades Ben Wa, Vibrating Bullet & Cuff Kit incorporates the Silicone Ben Wa Set, Vibrating Bullet and the Metal Hand Cuffs. Ben Wa Balls measure 6.75 creeps long and can be securely embedded 4.25 inches. Made of silicone. Superbly fit for Kegel works out. Metal handcuffs with discharge keys keep you hostage and consistent with your partner’s wants. We Aim to Please is a clitoral vibrator, a waterproof single speed toy that requires 1 AAA battery, that is excluded in the set. Addition length is 2.5 inches.

Fifty Days Of Play Couples Game

You are welcome to play a game! It can be smooth, soft, hard, yet extraordinarily animating and stimulating! Will you acknowledge the welcome and let the game guidelines choose your predominant or accommodating part for this level? 

Product features: 

Five levels loaded with attractive game tasks;  Based on the success novel "Fifty Shades of Grey";  Ten wraps incorporated into each levels;  For a wide range of unusual amusement (Virgin White, Vanilla, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Seductive Black);  Rolling dice included;  


Fifty Shades Of Grey Yours And Mine Vibrating Love Ring

The Fifty Shades of Gray Official Collection Yours and Mine Love Vibrating Ring permits you and your easygoing accomplice to share delight and serious incitement. With an implicit vibrating bullet, It can without much of a stretch bring you and your resigned accomplice a mind boggling orgasmic delight. The toy is waterproof, so you can offer into your desire in the hot tub or in the shower. 

Product features: 

Made of fantastic silicone;  Excellent incitement for balls and clitoris;  Healthy blood stream restriction;  Batteries are included;  Latex free; Phthalare free;  Waterpfoof;  Strong vibration;  Satin capacity sack is included; 
Fifty Shades of Grey Spank Me Please Spanking Ruler

Make your easygoing ask to please, spank them (goodness, please!) with this Fifty Shades of Gray Spank Me Please Spanking Ruler! Ideal for educator understudy, manager worker, heathen religious woman pretends, this spanking ruler is made of fine smooth wood. It likewise includes inch and centimeter markings for non sex-related purposes! Smooth and solid outline helps you convey some great, hot spanking. 

Product features:

Narrow sides;  Broad tip; Made of fine wood; Non-allergenic; Smooth;
Wickedly Tempting Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


Wickedly Tempting Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator can astonish even the most requesting young lady. It will fortify your clitoris, and in addition other mystery spots of your body ardently. It has extremely smooth surface and that is the reason touches to the erotogenic zone of the body will be more delicate. What's more, you may take this little good looking to the shower or shower since it is totally waterproof. The vibrator is made of ABS plastic and does not contain phthalates and latex with the goal that it is appropriate for even the most delicate skin. Width -  0.50 inches. Length -  4.50 inches

Product Feature:

Width -  0.50 inches Length -  4.50 inches Waterproof  Phthalate Free  Multi-Vibration  Multi-Speed  Rechargeable

Greedy Girl G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Vibrator from the 50 shades of Gray authority accumulation will give you a considerable measure of delight. It is waterproof and has 3 velocities and 9 examples of vibration. Its bended shaft was uniquely designed to fortify the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously. 

Product features:

Length - 9.50 Inches Insertable Length - 5.25 Inches Special bended design Has numerous settings Whisper-calm for careful play Waterproof USB Rechargeable Charge for 120 minutes for a hour of effective stimulation Red satin bag is included 



Again & Again Adjustable Love Ring Gray

Designed to fit men of any sizes, the Fifty Shades of Gray Weekend Collection Again and Again Adjustable Love Ring will bring you to the edge of climax again and again. What's more, again! Achieve your peak and draw out the joy with your accomplice through this tether toy that can be effortlessly custom fitted to size of your man's penis! Travel-accommodating outline permits you to bring this slick toy with you on vacation. 

Product features: 

Made of astounding silicone;  Easily adjustable rope design;  Healthy blood stream restriction;  Phthalate free; 
Secret Touching Finger Massager Black

Explore your accomplices body with this finished finger stimulator. It is made of premium evaluations silicone and completely waterproof. The adaptability of the toy permits you to invigorate your accomplice under any conceivable edge. The toy is waterproof, permitting you to take your amusing to the bathroom. 

Product features: 

Thick loop;  Made of amazing silicone;  Vibrator is made of fine ABS plastic;  Good for butt-centric, vaginal and clitoral stimulation;  Batteries (AG 3) are included;  Nubs on the tip for additional stimulation; 
Goods 1 - 30 on 30
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50 shades of Grey merchandise

“50 shades of Grey” is an erotic novel written by British author E.L. James as well as the eponymous film, which both have gained a huge audience of fans and followers all around the world. Even if you did not like a bestseller, it could not help but touched your curiosity and especially it concerns representatives of the fair half of humankind. After all, they discovered a whole new world, a world of pleasure, which is formerly considered to be a taboo – a world of female dominance!

50 shades of Grey pleasure collection

In the arsenal of every dominant woman, certain attributes of power must be present. Especially since to make the purchase of described 50 shades of Grey accessories is as easy as ABC.

In our online store, you can buy fifty shades of Grey bondage sets, nipple toys, tweezer clamps, vibrators, accessories, floggers, paddles, whips, stacks, masks, BDSM hoods, collars, handcuffs and many other 50 shades of Grey props. You can actually experience yourselves everything that felt characters of Erica James book. Rich colours of sexual relations in the new sensual format are waiting for you.

What is an art of female domination? Are you ready to be a submissive?

Femdom – this term refers to the dominant position of a woman over a man or another woman and is used in the context of sexual relations. Femdom is expressed as a submission demonstration of a slave man/woman to his/her mistress, dominant or dominatrix. A partner who is willing to obey is called a slave, submissive or bottom.

However, remember that these relationships require a clear and consistent adherence to the SSC principles (safe, sane, consensual). Firstly, femdom exists only by mutual consent. For such BDSM couples, it is important to learn to trust each other and do not overdo it. For both partners, all actions committed during role playing should be voluntary, reasonable, safe and most importantly bringing pleasure.